BSG 37 - Second Chance Heroes


cottle Michael Robert six

Your turn @rho21

Eh, this viper needs a clean, I was really sweating that one.
I’ll discard (Politics) 0FtH (hate that card) to land in the hangar bay. Use my power to fix up a nice fresh MkVII and launch in it to 4.

Then I’ll get with the shooting. (Piloting) 6BotB to clear out some raiders. @CraigM

Ok, so net result +1 Mk VII, attack
Roll 7, you kill all the raiders twice.

Prisoner Revolt
Starting with @Knightsaber

And I will be out the rest of the day

2 cards


1 card @Perky_Goth

0 cards


2 cards for me, can’t help much though.


Well I certainly don’t have all that much in those colours.
I’ll do what I can, 3 cards. @CraigM

There was no time for this madness, no patience for indulgence. Let Tom and his merry band of misguideds rage, they would find no quarter. There would be no giving in to demands, and no accommodation.

Instead the leaders had been given a brief summary of the situation, and they had unanimously agreed to a plan, and an offer. The Nyx was a low value ship, being a prisoner ship, containing no unique abilities or machinery. Its whole value was only in that it was another place for the few remaining humans to live. If they wished to make threats, they would receive them in turn. The tylium mining ship, this was not.

So the pilots got the ‘honor’ of transmitting the counter offer. Three choices, pick one, you have five minutes.

  1. unconditional surrender
  2. frak off and jump away from the fleet
  3. we blow you up, which we will do in precisely 5 minutes if you do not choose options 1 or 2

At first, nothing. 1 minute passed, then 2.

Finally at the 4 minute mark, the dock was opened, the marines let in, and the prisoners had surrendered.

Skill cards
Politics 1CP,2CP,4IC
Leadership 1MV,5DE,6SoE
Tactics 0QT,5SP
Engineering 0IU
Treachery 0B

Total +24, pass. No effect. @rho21 you may QT take any card 3 or less. IU grants you 2 engineering cards

Wow, some big cards there. Which is a shame as there’s nothing much for me to grab with quick thinking. Guess I’ll take the 2CP, as the bait doesn’t cause us any real problems here.

The lack of a spike casts a little more shade on Billy.

Ok, 2 heavies launch, jump prep +1

@Knightsaber your turn

Do I believe in Apollo or not…

Discard 0TI because I’m sick of looking at it, to move to Pegasus CiC and fire at the Basestar in 1 with a 3SP.


If you think Cylon me gets himself sent to the stupid Brig and then takes out the boarding party instead of fracking off to toasterville you are crazy.

Sorry for the delay, I was at the car dealership all day buying a new car.

Ok, you move and shoot. Your roll result is a 7, so you damage twice.

You draw two damage and missiles. Basestar goes pop.

Food Hoarding in the Fleet


We never lose to food.

We will take the bottom


Very well, -2 food.

raider activations, raiders in 5-6 move to 7-8. Raider in 1 attacks Lee

Roll is 8

Anyone pulling some magic here? @rowe33 @rho21?

Also @Lantz while that is pondering, your card choice?

Spent mine in that last check. At least I can jump back out there pretty easily.

Tactics please