BSG 38 - This is Our 38th Game in Six Years

Oh yeah, my OPT is a movement, not an action, so I can probably move the raider in 4 to 7-8 unless you guys have a better idea, and the one in 4 to 7-8. Or maybe move the heavy raider from 2, since with back to back Cylon turns centurions a bit more dangerous. Then maybe we can nuke 1 and get lucky.

Driving today but checking in. I can’t see what I can do that’s useful beyond just not being in the brig.

President Cally - given our political options, should we be concerned with the heavy raider potentially boarding, or do you think moving smol raiders are more important at this time?

As Lantz is busy I may as well let you know that there’s nothing useful for your situation in the quorum hand.

Maybe using your movement ability to move the Heavy Raider from 2 to 1 and nuking is best? Not sure if anyone can modify, though.

Ok, let’s try that. If we’re lucky with a successful nuke it’d make things more manageable.

movement - move heavy in 2 to 1
nuke 1


Can anyone adjust?

I’ll play a 3 SP to modify. @Knightsaber

What’s going on in here?

Oh okay.

Heavy Raider from 2 to 1.

Nuke away.

Roll: 7 + 2 = 8 (BSG math)

-1 Basestar
-2 Raiders
-2 Heavy Raiders

Also, Chief and Helo trying to help out Cally but it didn’t go well, even though there’s a nuke party happening.

Defending a Prisoner

Start with @Lantz

(Brig overwrites Cally’s crisis card dumps, one card only)

Can’t help, sorry 😭


Not sure of our chances of success, should we gamble on 50/50?

I can help with check if we do decide to go for it. @Jorn_Weines

I can help.

Hm. Think we should go for it though? I suspect at least one super crisis coming up. Though 50/50 I lose all my cards if we tank this, and Faust is kind of handy right now. Up to you, will follow your lead.

If you think we can, we’ll try

Ok, let’s try.

2 cards @rowe33

99 red balllooooons

1 card


No cards. @soondifferent

3 cards @Knightsaber