BSG 38 - This is Our 38th Game in Six Years

Yep, old school setup. rho will get a full hand, all ya’ll rest of you will get 3 cards.

Resource dials are 8-8-10-12 and the Mk 7 Vipers are broken.

i.e. a normal regular game

Politics,Leadership,Engineering to start please

2 tactics and a leadership for the kingpin.

Seems like we’ll definitely need more Pilot cards. I’ll go with Stinger.

I’ll take 1 of each (Lead,Tact,Pil) to start, thanks!

I’m sure this will be fine?

Gimme some time to remember how to do this.

@soondifferent You start in Pegasus CiC or Galactica Weapons Control

@rowe33 You start in a Viper or the Assault Rapton in space 4 <---- this way or space 2 ----> that way.

I’ll start in an AR in 4 please.

Don’t forget to do the things I always forget to do like something something crisis cards something.


Oh right, let me start in Pegasus CIC. @Knightsaber

It’s like riding a bike.

Off you go then? @rho21

It feels like I’ve just done this for some reason.

The numbers being the same in space and the toaster board is such a help.

We should do the thing where we try not to immediately lose Pegasus.

I forgot the resource dials but fixed it before anyone could say anything so I’m clearly winning.

No XO, and nothing desperately urgent I can spot. I’ll go and play the slots in the quorum chamber. @Knightsaber

Oh goodness I’ll be at the pc in a bit

Okie sent Quorum card. Play one or draw another?

Come on Pardon or Arrest Order!

Oh did you want in on Top Secret Informations?

If you insist, sure.