BSG 38 - This is Our 38th Game in Six Years

Well I’ll be causing delays too. It’s humid, hot and I feel not great. No worries though but it might only be once a day I check in for a while.

Sounds like a good idea to get some rest!

Here you go, CAG Racetrack aka @Jorn_Weines or whoever you secretly are really.


I’ll CAG Action and have the nugget in Space 4 escort the civvie.

Then I’ll play P3 MF to have three shots to clear the two Raiders in my space.


Why does everyone think Max Firepower is three shots? It clearly says four.

This has happened before and will happen again.

Also I just woke up and this is my phone. So waiting a while is in order.

I’ll probably miss on some shots anyways, so I’ll use the card. Probably best to clear out those and attract some Raiders.

It’s three more shots than you’d get without it?
Or it could just be that P3 MF contains the number 3.

Okay civvie in 4 is gone away safely.

You rolled an 8 and a 3 and that’s -2 Raiders and there’s nothing else to shoot at.

And while you were busy others were thinking of dangerous plots, like it says right here:

Dangerous Plots

President @rho21

Let’s go with the Or. We have plenty of morale right now and I’m not a fan of having mutiny cards hanging over our heads when there’s an unrevealed Cylon. @Knightsaber

Okie dokie.

-1 Morale

@Jorn_Weines please choose your least favorite 3 cards in your hand to dispose of.

I agree with discarding.

Tactics - 1LS, 2LS
Treachery - 3ABM

I’ll handle your cards after dark in mine time zone. Hot hot hot.

Meanwhile the basestars rolled two 7’s so you have to choose where the hits go.

Thoughts people? Prayers?

Also @rowe33 you might as well pick your two cards in the next 7 or 8 hours. Two different colors. But you’re on the res ship so one will do.

I think Pegasus gets both hits. I feel it is a bit risky to possibly send two people to Sickbay.

Yeah, I will try and fix it, but it should take the hits.

Treachery please!

Also you get +1 Jump Prep. Sorry I didn’t say that out loud.

Pegasus is half gone, missing it’s Main Batteries and Airlock. This being the part of the game that Pegasus is usually gone by, let’s all act surprised for 0.1 seconds, okay good work.


+1 Jump Prep

Robo-Stinger. @rowe33