BSG 38 - This is Our 38th Game in Six Years

Anytime now.

-1 Morale


@soondifferent has been executed for the 2nd time.

soon discards 0TI, 2LS, 1R, 3PV, 5EAW

soon has (had) 3 Not a Cylon cards. I don’t see the need to paste them.

-1 Morale due to your humanity

Natalie is no longer available.

@soondifferent choose a new character, please.

We’ll pick it up from there.

Can cally shoot @soondifferent and set a record for number of executions?

I get another one of those Not a Cylon cards for my collection after this, right?

Any suggestions for next incarnation? Starbuck? Dee? Looking through them right now.

@Lantz @Jorn_Weines

I mean, yeah.

Sadly, you’ll only have one.

Not sure, I guess we are bad on a lot of card types.

New admiral uniform:

‘Oh my God, you killed soon, you bastards!’

The ghost of Fisk wanted me to bet it all on Gaeta and his FTL gambles, but will take the safe route with Pilot Apollo and his politics draw / maybe free actions. @Knightsaber

You get a Not A Cylon card but no other cards, sorry.

Lee takes Admiral, but Racetrack keeps CAG unless Jorn loses it somehow.

And then…

Uh, the Heavy Raider in 5-6 moves to 7-8.

+1 Jump Prep

See that was easy.

Oh @soondifferent Apollo starts in 2 or 4 in a Viper (cough Assault Raptor coughhhh hack)

As in…you have to pick one.

Apollo is probably best.

Pretty sure that we have had a double execute before.

I will shoot you and you can come back as Dee and we will go for 4.

I’ll go 2 to give civvie extra cover @Knightsaber

EDIT: wrong sector initially

And in the AR?

Hmm. Apollo can actually function decently without the AR, should I leave it for you?

you know, assuming we survive the next turn.

I’ll take the AR. Will worry about surviving to jump before efficiency in case we get a mess of raiders somehow in the next few turns. @Knightsaber

In which space tho.

2 please!