BSG Season 3 is ordered

Sci-Fi has ordered another 20 episodes of BSG. Technically, this is season 3, despite the way that SciFi has split the 20 episodes of season 2 into two miniseasons (and will market and sell them in seperate $50 box sets).

Will the UK station, whatever it’s called, release proper box sets?

They do that with all their shows, though. They always show half the season, roughly, then do a long break and show the rest after the new year.

I thought they had ordered them a long ass time ago, and they will start airing in January? BSG is getting hilariously good ratings, especially considering what network it’s on.

So have they ordered another season, or are they finishing Season 2 with one half of season 3?

Hooray! Best thing on TV right now, IMO.


You know, I like BSG, and I watch it, but I don’t get the hype. It’s decent, but I don’t get overly excited over it. I find it a bit plodding, honestly. Nothing much seems to happen…it’s very drawn out and melodramatic at times. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I do wonder why people would label it the best thing on TV.


  1. It’s science fiction
  2. It doesn’t follow the Star Trek mold for science fiction
  3. It hasn’t been canceled
  1. Primarily character driven.

#4 is the real reason for me. I really enjoy the writing because the situations, drama, and conflict are mostly character driven. Well, except the whole Cylon genocide thing. But that’s like background to the real drama between the various characters. In short, the writing is great.

I can see that. The problem for me is that I don’t really find the characters that believable. They all seem like types, which in a character driven show is not good, IMO. Maybe they will fill in some depth as they go along though.