BTefnet down?

Dammit. Anyone know where this week’s BG episode can be found? I’m jonesing here…

Not sure what episode is this week, but you could try here:

or better yet:

Episode 12 is indeed this week’s episode, the first of the two-part season finale.

Go to the #bt channel on and download the torrent from there. That’s what the source of the torrents are anyway.

Thanks a lot, Erik. Thanks to you, too, Roger, but I know absolutely nothing about irc.

I go to for most of the new/0-day stuff and hypertorrent/torrentsearch if I need to look for something else. The search engines aren’t great but they’re better than nothing.

— Alan

Torrent is on the way out, sadly. Usenet rules. For files, not discussions.

I wouldn’t say torrent is on its way out. I think it all depends on how well Exeem performs.

If the Suprnova crowd decides they like it and stick with that service, then I could see a bit of a fracture. As it is, everyone’s just no longer consolidated on one site like Suprnova – which was really just an aggregate for existing tracker and torrent link sites. (they’re separate sites) seemed to have started to pick up the slack, and I know a lot of traffic on Loki Torrents has gone up since.

Exeem is crap. It comes loaded with cydoor (7/10 threat level per Adaware) and also asks to install a toolbar.

It’s not actually coded by anyone from Suprnova, the creators paid the owner of Suprnova to be allowed to use the name in order to get some cred out of the gate.

btefnet seems to turn up half as many Galactica results for me as in any case.

Oh I know.

But the vast majority of Suprnova’s traffic, I’d wager, comprised of the people that don’t care about that distinction. will be used to pimp Exeem and a whole hell of a lot of those people won’t notice/care what adware and other junk it installs.

Most of its traffic comprised of leeches, and I am running into a lot of people who are continuing to use Exeem, regardless of what it involves.

My point stands, especially if someone hacks together a malware-free version of Exeem, in the vein of K++/Kazaa Lite.

Exeem Lite is already out, it took less than a day to be created. I won’t contribute my bandwidth to their network, however.

If this pulls all the leechers out of the bittorent sites I use, all the better.

I read the License Agreement, Cydoor being involved in this stopped me from installing eXeem:

The software program you are about to install is an “adware” program,
meaning that we have partnered with Cydoor Technologies to deliver
small ads to the main window of the application, in order for Swarm
to bring targeted advertising.
The software will display web content such as banner ads, e-commerce offers,
news headlines and other value-added content. Cydoor Technologies created
this technology, and provides it to software developers to implement in
software programs. In turn, software developers choose to display ads
so that you can enjoy their products for FREE, and they can still earn
revenue from advertising.

How does it work?
The Cydoor component of a software application is simply a caching mechanism, which stores ads on your hard drive, and displays them only while the program is open. When the ads have expired, the component deletes old ads and contacts Cydoor’s servers in order to receive new ones. To do this, the Cydoor component uses your Internet connection, which was designed to take up the minimum bandwidth on your line. Each ad banner on your hard disc is about 10Kbyte.

Finally, Cydoor Technologies, wants you to feel comfortable using this software. Be assured that respecting and maintaining your privacy is Swarm and Cydoor’s top priority ethically and legally. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the Cydoor website,, where you can review its privacy statement.

Has it been verified to actually work with the Exeem network? I’ve heard it mentioned in a few places, but nobody’s had the cajones to try and install it.

I tend to use

Supposedly it’s the world’s largest bittorrent tracker, though I have no clue where they get their numbers from. They have a nice search and you can filter the torrents by category.

Orb’s Torrent Site Status page.