Bubba Ho-tep

Bruce Campbell as Elvis! Sounds… groovy.


I loved the Bubbahotep. Definitely as campy as you’d expect, but that’s part of its appeal, of course.

dang I can’t wait to see this… should be a good laugh… :P

This played at the Florida film festival a few weeks back, and even included a QA with the director. Sadly, I found it to be one of the most unfunny and cloying movies I have seen in the last few years.

The theatre was packed full of film fest geeks/Bruce Campbell fans many of whom were dressed up as Ashe or had Evil Dead t-shirts on. To them, the film was a neverending laugh-a-thon of Bruce Campbell doing an Elvis impersonation.

Unfortunately, since I’m not a huge Evil Dead fan, and preferred Campbell in Brisco County, Jr. to just about anything else, I was bored senseless. The jokes are depressingly childish, the constant references to Bruce’s previous films make it feel like it was put on by the high-school film club, and every time Bruce said “Thank you, thank you very much” in his Elvis drawl I rolled my eyes as the audience erupted in squeels of laughter. Along with his partner, Ossie Davis, this is the closest I’ve seen modern cinema come to a remake of “Abbot & Costello Meet the Mummy.”

My advice? If you’re a huge Campbell fan, go on and put that fake chainsaw on your hand and some fake blood on your scalp and enjoy the show. For all others, save your money.