Truly an odd, but enjoyable film. I just watched it this weekend and don’t think there is a thread yet.

The dialog is just so many banalities. I thought it was some kind of joke, especially when it went on like that for almost an hour (and the film is pretty short to boot). But the lingering shots of the lonely, alienated working class America combined with the quiet desparation of all the characters kept me watching. And then it ends almost like a horror story or one of those really bad dreams that start out slow and keep getting worse.

Somehow I liked it, but I could see how some might not. It felt very much like the small steel manufacturing town I grew up in during the 70s, as the bottom fell out of the steel market. Bad, mind-numbing, desperate times that can make even a strong man snap the fuck out.

I watched the alternate ending and am SO GLAD Steven Soderbergh didn’t use it. How awful (but tidy!) would that have been?

I haven’t seen it yet. Still on my list of films to watch. What intrigued me the most was the partial documentary nature of it. Thanks for reminding me to check this out.

I really liked it, but I didn’t find it so weird. Maybe it’s just that I’ve seen more Swedish and indie movies that has that creeping feeling of hopelessness as a regular part of the package.

I bumped it up on my queue based on this thread and finally watched it last night.

Didn’t particularly care for it.

I didn’t feel like it offered substance in any real form - not a lot of strong intellectual concepts, wooden style that’s fairly typical of hardcore “indy” projects and certainly not entertaining in any conventional sense. I felt like I was watching somebody’s experiment. Just kind of “here’s an idea, let’s try this” without any real drive or passion behind it.

I haven’t watched the alternate ending yet, or any of the special features, but what a weird little film. It’s like film portraiture (but not biography). The characters constructing hollow little plastic dolls, piecing them together, a snapshot of economically and spiritually starving community, lengthy bust shots of characters being almost perfectly still.

It’s definitely an interesting film.

I feel asleep during this.