Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? BC Updates/News?

It’s been over two months since Microsoft last released a 360 update for older Xbox titles…

Actually, it’s been over two months since I’ve read any news about backwards compatibility at all.

Has anyone here heard anything at all about when the next batch is scheduled to come out?

I wish MS would just set a target date, even if it were quarterly. It’s the lack of information that annoys me. It’s the difference between being at an airport and not knowing when your delayed flight is going to leave and knowing that you’re facing an hour delay.

Give up. MS is going to stop devoting resources to this, probably sooner rather than later, despite their pioneering efforts in the “release now, fix later” technique.

We’ll just have to see what the effects are of being the only console without proper BC this gen. Given how fast they dropped support for the Xbox and the absence of day-1 BC for new titles, I think they’re OK with the negative impact on publishers of original Xbox games.

Say what you will about Sony, but they’re all about extending the viability of the PS2. A publisher would be foolish to release an Xbox-exclusive title now, but the PS2 will probably still have releases well into 2007.

Your flight is never taking off again and you’re going to die of boredom and airport restaurant malnutrition.

I’m keeping my Xbox set up next to my 360. Should I ever have time to play Xbox games again (can’t even make the time to finish my first 72-hour Dead Rising run on the 360), I’ll just swap some cables and get right back into it. Microsoft is fucked on the BC. Sony will probably get it right with the PS3.

I definitely agree that Sony has set the standard when it comes to BC.

But I’m not sure I agree that MS is soon giving up on BC. Didn’t Moore have to fall on his sword after he said gamers don’t care about BC? I’m pretty sure I read that after the flap he promised that MS would attempt to eventually have nearly ALL titles BC.

I think they need to release a bunch now and another bunch sometime before the PS3’s launch. The last they need before going to war with Sony are people saying, “I love my 360 but it’s just lacking when it comes to BC…”

I tried THUG2 on the 360 last week, and it was herky-jerky even though, yes, it technically did run. However, since the game renders in 720p on the original Xbox, there was no reason not to play it there.

The half-assed BC and the crap warranty are the two biggest knocks on the 360.

Man, I was really pissed when I found out that I couldn’t play my NES games on my SNES, or my SNES games on my N64, or my N64 games on my Gamecube, or my Gamecube games on my… HEY WAIT A MINUTE YOU MEAN I CAN PAY $20 A GAME FOR ALL THOSE GAMES I ALL READY BOUGHT AND PLAY THEM ON THE WII??? FUCK YEAH THAT WIDE!

A publisher would be foolish to release an Xbox-exclusive title now, but the PS2 will probably still have releases well into 2007.

I’d go one step further & say 2008 - won’t be big headline grabbing titles, but there’ll still be a steady stream of releases for the PS2 in 2008 I reckon.

Wii is backwards compatible with Gamecube.

That’s either Mr. show or Larry Flynt. Well, Larry Flynt by default.

Fuck I thought this was going to be a Derek Smart thread.

Aren’t you the same guy that said this in the last thread when I told you you were wrong? Are you ever right about anything?

Huh? Xbox 1 doesn’t do 720p, it maxes at 480p. Answer to my previous question: Guess not.

Edit: leaving for posterity, but I’m apparently a jackass on this point at least.

So far, he is right.

XBox does go up higher than 480. SB and XMen were both over 480

Oh, I hadn’t seen one above 480p. I appologize :) - I guess I can’t be right about everything either :/

Yeah, Guido, you told me I was wrong. I think I’m going to wait until I’ve been proven wrong before I offer an apology. Until then, the 360’s BC is half-assed at best. I can only comment on the product as it is.

EDIT: To be clear, I want to be wrong, but I can’t imagine why MS would keep spending money on BC, especially the further we get from launch.

You know… I think Microsoft has been pretty responsive in many respects.

  • They listened to the complaints of those who were annoyed about the lack of information on arcade release, and so they started Arcade Wednesdays.
  • They revised the dashboard for the 360 so you could download multiple items without locking up your device.
  • They focused on making the best-selling games BC first so that they could cater to the masses before the niches.

But RickH is right. When it comes to BC as a whole, they have done this in an incredibly half-assed manner.

The fact that most of the best-seller games (Halo, Splinter Cell, GTAs, Crimson Skies, Kotor I & II, etc) are BC is the non-ass side.

The fact that since launch, they have only twice released BC patches; they have sent mixed messages on their commitment to continuing; they have provided consumers with zero information about when further updates can be expected is the ass side.

I don’t think MS is being half-assed with BC so much as it is a thing that, no matter how hard they try at it, it’s always going to seem half-assed.

The systems are different enough that going the emulation route is a freaking nightmare, and the kinds of coders who can pull off this stuff (and make it go fast enough to be playable) don’t exactly grow on trees. I honestly expected there to be fewer BC games than they have now, ever since they first announced BC and said “top titles.” I figured we’d get 10 games, the list would grow to like 50, and they’d be done with it.

The annoying part, as everyone says here, is that there’s no communication about it. Say whatever you will about how tricky it is to do the coding work, it’s not tricky to update the Gamerscore blog or for Major Nelson to whip something up.

If I had to guess, I would say that they don’t say much about it because they don’t want to make promises they can’t keep. This kind of emulation work is the sort of thing where you can’t just “drop features” if you can’t get the code right. It’s not like developing an original game. And it’s the sort of thing where you can get a game 99% of the way there, but that last 1% is a showstopping bug, and you might just never ever figure out how to get around it. So a month before the next BC update, do you tell people that you’re “really close” to getting Game X to work and it “will probably” be in the next BC update, and then it turns out you can’t deliver it? The gamers targeted most by BC are the ones who would get super excited about one particular game that’s finally going to be on the list, and then get super vocally pissed when it doesn’t show up.

Sony’s certainly doing a much better job of BC, but then, they kind of have to at $500/600. I don’t mean that they’ve got a hardware solution (though they do, and that’s part of the cost equation). I mean that there are a great many places in the world where you can’t sell a $300+ console. India, South America, Mexico, Eastern Europe, not to mention a huge portion of the market in the typical NA/Japan/Europe/Australia locals.

The PS2 will have a “long tail” in those markets (either officially or grey-market importing), being the affordable console of choice along with $20 Greatest Hits games and such. With the hardware in the PS3 and the cost associated with it, it will take 3-4 years before they can really start to make a dent for those demographics (and we’re talking tens of millions of potential customers, minimum).

So why is Microsoft not supporting the Xbox with first-party anymore, and putting all their marketing efforts and such behind the 360? I feel it’s because they’re not expecting the Xbox to be the long-tail product in those territories. They’re not even in many of them yet. Their goal is to provide official first-party launches of the 360 in those places and real MS support for them (rather than letting the grey market handle it). Sure they’ll only reach a fraction of the market with an expensive console, but they’re cheaper than the PS3 and can drive their costs down faster.

MS hopes to establish a beachhead with the affluent in these regions, build retail relationships and such, and then capture tens of millions of gamers in “emerging markets” as they drop the price.

Look at how incredibly fast they’re pushing the 360 into these markets. Since the initial three-territory launch, they’ve had official launches in:
South Korea
Hong Kong/Singapore/Taiwan
and by the end of the year: South Africa, India, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia

That’s awfully fast global rollout for the first year. So I think MS’s priority, internationally speaking, is with making the 360 “the standard” and not extending the life of the Xbox, which has already lost to the PS2 in these markets (where they don’t buy multiple consoles, by and large). Sony’s priority is the opposite - the PS2 dominated so well, and is so cheap relative to the PS3, that it will be their international console of choice for a few years. Doing back compat well is a bigger onus for them, because globally speaking, they have to keep supporting the PS2 with strong software longer than Microsoft has to keep supporting Xbox.

I thought it was going to be about that suspended/cancelled/kidnapped for ransom Peter Molyneux game.

This makes complete sense. I certainly would be pissed if they said “Mercenaries is coming. We’re almost done with it. Uh… yeah… about that Mercenaries game…”

And, heck, I understand (thanks to being schooled on these boards) that it takes a heck of a lot of talent, energy and luck to make titles BC.

But it’s the complete and utter lack of communication that is annoying (a point you acknowledged).

Somewhere between absolutely no information and guarding against over promising, there has to be a happy medium that at least provides some basic information.

JMR: I too miss Derek Smart threads.