Buffy: Season Eight

For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, Buffy has an official continuation in comic form, starting with events a bit more than a year after the end of Angel’s fifth season. The first 4 issues are written by the man himself, Joss Whedon. Following that will be arcs written by Vaughn (Runaways) and Goddard (who wrote several Buffy 7 and Angel 5 episodes).

I just picked up the first issue of this a couple days ago. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it felt very short to me. If I imagined the happenings of this one issue as a TV episode, I’m pretty sure it would have been over at the second commercial break.

I’m glad in a way that the series is continuing in a canonical form, as the Buffyverse is an entertaining world with entertaining characters. I’m hoping that things pick up a bit in the next few issues.

I’m almost positive that Vaughn’s arc will probably kick my ass all over the place.

Anyways, anyone else a fan? I’m interested in who the guy they found at the end will turn out to be.

I read the first issue. I liked it. It’ll probably deliver what it promises to Buffy fans, everyone else won’t care.

Given that Buffy should have ended 3 seasons sooner than it did I find it hard to imagine an “extension” will be any good.

Fixed that for you. Really, the fifth season wasn’t that great, but at least it ended with what it had seen building toward the whole time-her death. Everything after that was crap. The sixth season was a downer (but for one episode), and the seventh lacked all subtlety -the biggest Evil in the world backing the Ultimate Misogynist ! Girl Power! Fight the Patriarchy! Bleh.

The good comic is pretty good. If you’re (or were) a fan, it’s worth picking up Issue #1 (issue #2 came out this week).

C’mon, now. You can fault the execution of Season 7 all you want, but Buffy was at it’s heart of hearts a deeply feminist show. The Girl Power ending is much more satisfying a resolution than merely killing her. I just wish they had come up with a better way of telling it. Oh, and I wish they hadn’t made Xander such a pussy.

The problem with Season 7 was that it was a 6 episode arc stretched over 22 episodes.

You might be encouraged by the first issue of Season 8, then. I’m a Xander booster, and I like what they’ve done with him.

So, someone spoil the comic for me. The ending of Buffy struck me as odd because it seemed to rule out doing anything further in the Buffyverse. Who cares about Buffy and her friends when there are thirty zillion other superheroes with Buffy’s skills roaming about?

Buffy and her friends are in charge of a whole Slayer army.

Basically imagine Buffy and the gang as leading an international Slayer strike force, kicking demonic ass across the globe. To the point that they’ve been labelled an international terrorist group, with the destruction of Sunnydale being laid at their feet. Granted it was kinda their fault, but for the greater good of course.

If you’ve ever read Fray, which is Whedon’s series about a new slayer set in the far future, they reference that in the 21st century the last called slayer banished all magic and demonic influence from the planet. This, I’m guessing, is telling how that came to happen.

Picked up Issue #2. Pacing feels off to me, things are happening so quickly it almost feels like I’m missing some panels or pages. Don’t get me wrong, what is there is quality, but the blistering pace of new developments is not something I’m used to.

Normally I get annoyed when it takes five issues to tell a story that could have been told in one, but in this case they’re taking one issue to tell a story that would have been smoother to tell over two issues.

It’s like the Anti-DBZ.

I enjoyed this bit of Angel retcon from the first issue:

The guys figured out I was a target, setup two other slayers to be me. One’s underground, literally.

One’s in Rome, partying very publicly – and supposedly dating some guy called “The Immortal.”

That part was Andrew’s idea. He did research on the guy, said it would be hilarious for some reason.