This came up in the Kickstarter thread years ago but I am not sure it has ever had its own thread, I searched for one and didn’t find one.

Anyway. I got one of these in the Kickstarter and mine is still going strong on its original filling of salt. I love this thing. Its not as lethal as a fly swatter but it does the job and is way more fun than a fly swatter. The stated range is optimistic…but if you can get within 2 feet of a fly that has landed, its game over for the fly, and I find this to be pretty easy to do, as opposed to the range you have to get for a fly swatter to work, this is better. The first shot won’t always kill it but it does stun/disable it making final dispatch very easy.

A little pricey for what it is but its great fun and if you don’t have one, you should get one.

Outside of ants, with whom (thank TERRO) I finally made a kind of peace, I don’t actually have a problem with bugs (either emotionally or practically) but for some reason this concept is just too appealing to pass up, so I’m in. I’ll probably only be picking off flies.

I do get a lot of moths and smallish spiders. They crash into me and fall on me all the time when I’m out on my porch, reading, but it doesn’t bother me. Just last night a massive moth came careening in out of nowhere and plunged right into my beer. I fished it out and it spent five minutes fanning its wings and flailing around, either buzzed by the beer or disoriented by the stickiness or both, and then finally careened away in search of someone else’s porchlight and/or beer.

And here I was wondering what I was going to do with a 20 pound bag of leftover pool salt…

…oh, and let me second Terro for ant wars (I mean the little bastards were in full assault mode).

The sad thing is, I’ve loved ants ever since I was little. My earliest memory was from age four. Granted, I was eating them (and they were red, which probably explains the recall) but I remember finding them totally fascinating. Years later, in college, I discovered E.O. Wilson and I for the next twenty years I religiously refused to kill them. Until recently, when I realized it it was a one-way relationship and had enough of their casual attitude toward home invasion.

I’d never heard of this, but it’s available on Amazon. I’m tempted. Very very tempted. I find it difficult to snag flies with a swatter, at least in part because they’re often on surfaces that I do not want to swat because of breakage.

I looked around, and apparently it’s only effective on a limited number of targets. Specifically, flies. Insects with harder exoskeletons like wasps shrug it off, but word is it’s effective against flies.

I love mine! I got one with the original indiegogo campaign as well:

I run like a kid to grab it every time the wife says spider or fly, which is unfortunately like 3-4 times a year if I am lucky. It’s perfect for flies since they rarely run unless you get within inches of them but only so so on spiders. Most just die but some are only stunned for 3-4 seconds before scurrying off. I shoot them off the ceiling and hope I find them before they run off or fall on my face.

Never reloaded it either, just not enough bugs here =(

Speak of the devil, well ok minor annoying imps, we had 5-6 flies on our back door this morning. I broke out the flyswatter just to show I didn’t need a $40 salt shotgun, and every time I swung, they dodged. They don’t care if you point, but they’ve got lightning reflexes when they feel a big rush of air.

Yeah, I couldn’t not buy that. Thankfully some local ebay sellers seem to stock them at a reasonable local price. I often leave a door open in summer for the cat to wander in and out, so flies can be a problem. If this actually works as well as described, it is going to be a blast!

On the one hand, I really want this.

But on the other hand, I like the Ninja Way of catching them out of midair. It’s a more honorable death, I think.

I’m not getting how this works. If you use it indoors (it’s a fool’s errand or sadism to kill bugs outdoors), don’t you end up leaving salt all over your house?

I assume you are using chopsticks?

Yes, but each shot is not more than around a pinch of salt. Unless you are going all Blazkowicz on that fly or are defending you home against an invading armada, the ‘waste’ is negligible in terms of crap/dust/dirt/grit/loose debris that is already present in any given house.

If you are indeed intending to hold off an entire swarm of Louie’s that darken the very sky on their approach, then yeah, you are going to need a different tool, or a vacuum on hand for cleanup duty, assuming you survive the assault.

“Shoot the wings off the fly.”

“He got away!”
“Yes, but he won’t be having any children.”

“Help me, help me!”

From what I heard, if you actually use it, it leaves salt everywhere in your house.

I tend to spray bugs with lysol then light them on fire, imagining I can hear their tiny screams. My Dark Passenger is pleased.

I can never find the salt afterwards, it hits and scatters everywhere. Total none issue.

If you want to kill house flies this is it. Horse flies? No. Spiders? Kinda.

The title of the thread mad me think of Dad-a-chum? Dum-a-chum? Ded-a-chek? Did-a-chick?

Pfft. Call me when they release the high-caliber version.

That would be rock salt rounds for a shotgun. Preeeeety sure that would kill a horse fly.

I only use it on flies. It will kill other bugs but there are better ways of killing all other bugs that we typically get here. We have flies, wasps, mosquitos and cockroaches, for the most part. Spiders too of course but I leave them alone and they leave us alone and probably do more good than harm.

Wasps I spray, and only when there is a nest in a shitty place. Mosquitos are slow and easily swatted. Cockroaches get crushed with whatever is at hand. Flies are the only thing tough to kill because some of them are just unswattable, in my experience. Though I suppose the same spray that works on wasps would work on them, thing is the wasps are outside and the flies inside…I don’t really want to carpet bomb poison all over my house (dogs). All that being said, it will definitely kill a wasp, the first blast will drop it out of the sky and the 2nd or 3rd blast at point blank while its on the ground will kill the wasp. Cockroaches are harder targets, they get pretty big here. I did kill one with it once but it took 6 shots, way more trouble than it was worth.

Speaking of salt residue…it does leave salt. But its salt! What’s the problem? Its not like you can really see or notice it unless you shoot a fly against a dark colored table or something, and then you just scoop up the fly corpse and make a pass with a paper towel over the salt and move on.

Anyway. If you have disposable income and have ever have a fly in the house that you haven’t been able to swat easily, this is worth your money. As someone else said in the thread, when my wife sees a fly now she yells ‘Get your gun!’ and I grab it with a giant grin on my face and set to the hunt.

Be careful with the salt gun because it can act like a sandblaster on your furniture.

GeeWhiz walks away whistling a happy tune, thankful his wife still has not seen the areas missing their stain and varnish…