Hint 1…kill them in the bathroom - not a lot of good furniture in that room!

Hint 2…invest in one of those special wood stain marking pens…they add years to your life.

I think I spotted one of these in a certain Impala trunk.

Good man. A mature attitude toward spiders means you only rarely have to deal with any kind of pests. Black widows and brown recluses have a standing death sentence, but every other species of spider will do you more good than harm, and they’re just cool little beasts besides.

I noticed one day when one fell on or jumped on my arm that my fight-or-flight impulses are totally bypassed when they are on the small side and furry. Some of them are even positively cute. It’s the hairless, leggy ones that feel more menacing to me.

Nothing cooler than a wolf spider. I saw one jump and catch a fly on the ground. Woah! Is the general reaction of anyone who witnesses that. Then you stand around for an hour hoping to see that happen again.

Totally ineffective against wasps, as I discovered last night.

Their exoskeleton is a lot tougher.

The gun does not always kill a fly outright (though I do think it pokes little holes in the fly and they slowly dehydrate or something as I find them on the floor a couple of hours later).

You are brave going after a wasp with one! :)

Go after one of those Japanese Wasps - they would probably take the gun out of your hands and beat you with it!

These wasps were slightly discouraged, and held back, but were ultimately unbothered by the salt blasts. Water from the garden hose produced dramatically different results and they quickly fled.

I recommend the Bug-A-Salt Sr for defending against wasps.

(The Bug-A-Salt Sr is a 20-gauge)

It’s arrived!

Not a goddamn insect to be seen anywhere on the house!

When they heard there was a new sheriff in town, they cleared out.

I know if I lived in Australia I would be pretty careful about wishing for more insects.