Bug in phpbb

Looks like if you manually close your tags after first using one of the buttons, you get an extraneous close tag at the end of your post.

Other than that, best…forum software…ever.


So, if you add an extra tag, there’ll be an extra tag?

What is it supposed to do, figure out what you meant to type? Just use the preview button.

Also, the email notification of the arrival of a new private message doesn’t work correctly. It sends the link:


The /~admin19/ makes the link not work correctly.

Also, the mechanism that’s supposed to send a 4,000,000 volt jolt through the keyboards of Derek Smart stalkers when they follow him over here to seek attention doesn’t seem to be working.

Does anyone have the Cliff’s notes version of his last 2,000 word response?

not sure if it’s fixed, but i know there’s a newer version of phpbb. i’m still using 2.0.0 (with some huge security holes) on one of my servers for a couple forums. just too damn lazy to upgrade it.

the ~admin19 thing should be easily fixable through the admin control panel, though.


hmm, also looks like something else is wonky in this one qt3 has- it doesn’t seem to be attaching my signature, even though ‘attach signature’ is turned on in my prefs, and the posting prefs. bah. that’s what ya get with free software. :P


Signatures are turned off I believe. Mark isn’t a a big fan of those due to the images and weird junk people put in them if I recall correctly.


I can’t say I blame him. Some of the ones on the IL-2 boards are out of control. Still, if it were possible, plain text only sigs with a small character limit would be nice, but no big deal.

Some people put absurd things in their sigs, so I can understand that. I just like to put my name and a text link to thewidgets.com. I have a tendancy, or I did for a really long time, to sign every post I make on the internet with my name at the end, even if my name is already noted above. But I’ve fallen out of that habit recently.

I should have been more explict. What I meant by “out of control” was about the size of the sigs that have 2-3 large (relatively) screenshots or banners in them.