Goddamn bugs. Why do they release these things before they’re done? Damn greedy companies.

With a track record like that, they’re almost ready to develop software.

They’re not recalling quite enough cars for that, though. :)

You fools! Don’t you see? It’s not bugs, or manufacturing problems, it’s GREMLINS!! On the WING! Or the front suspension or battery wiring. Really depends on where the Gremlin latches on, you see. Stinking Gremlins.

Heh – that’s what I tell people when they bring me their computers to fix. :)

(The gremlins in the car that I really hate are the Radio Gremlins who, while you’re at work or the store, turn your radio up five times louder than you had it in an attempt to give you a heart attack when you get back in the car. :) )