Building a computer with Nvidia 8800? Help please?

Hmm, I didn’t know the Antec P180 Black had better sound proofing, my dad already has that one for his computer (his is FX62 based though), so I didn’t want the same color if they were otherwise the same… I’ll see if it’s not too late to get my case changed to black in the order.

As for the heatsink, I’m not interested in buying one right away, but maybe in a few months. Do they make that big of a difference?

Interesting, but I don’t want a pre-built computer, and the list I posted earlier came to about $1700 (getting it newegg) since I’m reusing 2x250GB sata harddrives (probably RAID 1 ftw), cd, dvd burners that I already have. I thought about a Dell, but they don’t offer a 8800-based XPS so that’s really too bad.

Some of the silver ones come with the new door and slightly redesigned rear without the VGA duct. It just isn’t guaranteed. But it’s not that big of a deal anyway. You only need aftermarket cooling if you overclock. If you don’t overclock, don’t worry about it.

You see the new Antec case? The “Nine Hundred”:

It’s kinda ugly, but the features seem cool. 200mm case fan??? O.o

And here’s my review of the Nine Hundred

It’s a very nice case, but I wouldn’t try to build a quiet system with it.

quiet systems ftw! I wouldn’t buy/build a system without thinking about how quiet it will be these days.

I’m still more or less happy with my Antec Super LAN-boy case. The huge ass video cards are becoming more and more of a pain in the ass though since they still don’t have readily available SATA optical drives from more than one company (I’m not ready to pay +$100 premium on the SAME drive).

That 900 is loud, has awful neon lighting, and just way too ugly. I like nice clean lines. The p180 really is the best case out there if you want to go utilitarian. Personally, I tend to spend the extra money for a highend cooler-master or lian li.

I think I was able to switch it to a P180 black, so I’ll be getting that now :). I definitely would rather have a quiet case than a “mad extreme gamer” one, plus the 900 looks a little flashy. Just wouldn’t match the rest of my equipment, my most “flashy” thing is an MX510.

Might want to reconsider this if you are planning on adding a 2nd video card at some point in the future as this power supply will not be adequate.

Yeah, I’m thinking about that too! I have 47 days left to step-up 7900 GTO and the 8800 looks pretty awesome, if the price drops a little from now and until my step-up window closes I think I might have to pull the trigger on one.

I bought a 7800gtx when they first came out thinking that I would SLI it in the future.

Never happened.

This time around, I did not bother trying to fool myself into thinking SLI is an upgrade path.

Oh come on, you know you need dual or even quad SLI 8800GTXs.

Ok, I finally got all the stuff delivered to me today (well, I had everything but the graphics card yesterday). I got everything I listed earlier, except I swapped the P180 for a P180b. Almost everything worked right away, but the ATX P4 cable (the one you plug in next to the CPU) wasn’t long enough, so I had to drive out to my local Micro Center (urgh, traffic!!!) and get a extender.

Actually, I didn’t find an extender, but found an LP4 -> P4 adaptor, but that’s okay cause I have plenty of empty LP4 jacks :). Still, I wish the cable was a little longer initially.

Installing Windows XP now, though I’m quite upset Vista isn’t on MSDNAA yet… nor are there 8800 Vista drivers. Grrr?!

In response to John, you’re kidding right? The 8800 GTX blows away all SLI/CF rigs, I’m sure the 9xxx series will blow away the 8800 SLI too.

9xxx series???

Do tell. Where is this written of, this 9xxx of which you speak?

I’m kind of glad I’m not building my next system until 2008 suddenly :-D

Yeah I was joking about a quad SLI 8800 rig.
Not even sure if it’s even possible considering the size of the 8800GTX cards.

I got mine and installed it, had to do a bit of tinkering inside the case to get it in there.

Dunno about a 9xxx series card.
Haven’t heard any speculation about it at all, and I hope it’s at least a year or year and a half down the line at any rate.

Won’t it be funny when Nvidia releases a 9800, matching the number of the old Radeons?

Before anyone else considers buying an 8800, know that there are some serious issues with the nvidia drivers. Here’s what happened to me yesterday:

I updated DirectX 9c from the site. Then when I rebooted, my 3d all slowed down to around 3500 3dMark 05 score. Real, real bad. I thought my hardware died first, checked the temps, etc, all ok. Wasn’t a cpu problem either, since CPU Mark was running on par with online benchmarks.

So I update my drivers to 97.03, still the same problem. Then I downgrade back to 96.89, bammo my 3D Mark 05 is back to ~14000 points. So yeah, something is real real screwy with these drivers.

Plus Splinter Cell 4 has serious mutating issues, but it could just be the game and not the driver (at this point they’re both equally probable).

Anyone know if there are problems with the 8800gts cards in lianli pc60 cases? Or a 7950 card?

97.03 drivers? The last 8800 driver I see on their site is.

ForceWare Release 95
Version: 97.02
Release Date: November 8, 2006

Everything seems to work okay. You’re telling me that these scores are wrong?

If you don’t have Driver Cleaner Pro, I suggest you get it.