Building a deck of deckbuilders

Inscryption launches on Oct 19. If anyone is looking for a deckbuilding escape room puzzler dripping with atmosphere, you should definitely check out this one, which also has a strong Hand of Fate vibe to it.

Yeah, it looks awesome. I stopped playing the demo because I want to go into it as fresh as possible, even if I don’t end up getting it right away. Mullins said testers have been clocking 12-15 hours for a full playthrough of the game, if anyone is curious about how much game your $18 will get you.

I don’t expect to but this one, but it is the most anticipated face of the year for one of my favorite streamers, and I imagine I will be watching them do a full playthrough.

I read this way too many times before I realize you meant game lol.

Autocorrect/swipe changes game to have all the time. Not sure I remember this one.

Just watched some gameplay of Mahokenshi. Looks great!

Ooh, new to me, added to wishlist, thank you!

Also, reporting in with new / changed opinion about Across the Obelisk. I have previously bounced off this after trying out the prologue / demo but I gave it a second pass after it popped up on sale and now feel it is worth a cautious recommendation.

This game is . . . well imagine if you smashed together Slay the Spire and Darkest Dungeon, but with colourful, detailed cartoon like colours and visuals. The mechanics are very similar to Slay-et-al, albeit with a lot more debuffs and buffs going on, but you play as four different characters simultaneously, just like in Darkest Dungeon. Also, like Darkest Dungeon, a big part of the meta-progression is building up a “Town” which you visit at the beginning of each ‘Act’, enabling you to deck build via adding, removing, upgrading cards, and also buying equipment and pets.

It has a lot going on. In addition to the pretty solid deck-building, for which there are lots of ways to add / subtract / upgrade / transform, each hero has experience levels, each one offering a choice of two very different bonuses, and four equipment slots, and these things all combine to enable very different individual builds.

A reason I initially bounced off it is that whilst the mechanics are not hugely more complex than Slay, you get hit with the equivalent of learning 4 different character builds right away. Imagine beginning a Slay run where you were playing as the Watcher, Silent, Ironclad and Defect ALL in the same run, all with their own unique decks. That is how you effectively start out here!

Second caveat is that single combats can turn into a long to and fro battle of the buffs and debuffs. They start out being < 5 minutes but later on a single big battle may take 15, 20 minutes, so the total run time is probably far greater than most comparables.

Still, there seems to be a lot of depth and breadth and having persevered through that initially tough learning curve, I am enjoying it a lot.


Fate Hunters is on sale for $3.74. Any good?

I am looking at Tainted Grail as being both on sale and a possible Halloween (ish) themed game to play this week. The feelings about that game were pretty solid right? Some of the reviews seem to indicate it lacked content or ended just as it was getting good, but I am thinking that was an early access limitation that is gone now, yeah?

Those reviews are full of it, imo. Tainted Grail is on par with Monster Train in terms of quality (though VERY different). Not only is it very good as a deckbuilder, but it drips with atmosphere and worldbuilding in a way few games do (think the Failbetter Sunless games)

As @Tortilla mentions, it does have a very deliberate pace. If you want a game that’s moody and atmospheric for the Halloween mood, I think you will like it.

I want to emphasize that VERY different comment. I loved Monster Train but Tainted Grail bored me with it’s muddy grimdark graphics and slow pace and weak UI. I gave up on Tainted Grail after less than 20 hours of play as it just wasn’t holding interest.

I can absolutely understand where it would not be everyone’s cup of tea. Added a note above

I enjoyed it a lot. Once you have unlocked all the characters and most of their gear, which may take around 20-30 hours of play, there is no longer any hook to play it, but there is a solid chunk of challenging but fair deck-building combat to enjoy.

Lacked content? hehe, I am about 60 hours / 20 or so completed runs in, and I am yet to finish all the quests or even really play some of available hero types. It has oodles of content, and those oodles have oodles.

Inscryption is a well done experience.
The deckbuilding aspects are intentionally skewed and unbalanced to push you along. Also often quite poorly designed but you shouldn’t get stuck or frustrated for too long as the battling and card game mechanics are not to sole or even main focus of the game.

Great music and sound design.

I picked it up. So far I am very pleased and consider both Grail and Monster Train to be very good finds this year. And yes, they are very, VERY different. The pacing and the atmosphere of Tainted Grail definitely hit the spot for a Halloween type game.

That said, I am not sure really what the hell is going on. And that is fine. It is part of the appeal really. I do know this, it is sure grim, and something very bad happened. I was just walking around in the Wyrdness, minding my own business, you know, helping crazy people and killing extras from Hellraiser. It all was fine and dandy, or something. That is, until some giant rock monster cratered me into the ground.

I look forward to playing again and hopefully unlocking more characters.

Thanks all.

It’s the sort of game that unfolds fairly slowly. Happy to help with anything you need/questions. You can win from the first run (I did, but had watched the have played a fair bit). You will unlock things that make stuff easier, but your knowledge will grow considerably…it’s that sort of game.


I already fixed that one.