Building a deck of deckbuilders

Typically, I don’t like being able to edit decks, especially if it’s something you really need to do for specific fights to be effective. Pretty sure that’s why I haven’t picked that one up. Otoh, it hasn’t bugged me in the early going with Gordian Quest. Really it’s one of my favorite things about deckbuilder games versus ccgs is that there’s usually much less deck micromanagement.

Well I’m not, so rest easy. I probably don’t play as many games as you do but I have not seen any other game where it looks so very, very close, but I don’t really care, just raising one eyebrow slightly. Enjoying it so far. Glad for the mobile support.

I right beside you on this. I tried to play System Crash and Cardpocalypse with realizing that they’re single player Hearthstone. The constant deck switching and tweaking drove me nuts.

I haven’t minded it much so far, because you can’t change decks during a run, you just set one up for the run and then earn cards normally. The game is also more stringent with not letting you skip a reward so it’s harder to avoid deck bloat which seems to help counter the advantage of customizing starting deck.

Ah ok, that’s much better (for me, personally) than allowing deck editing between battles. Hard to tell stuff like that from store page info.

would probably feel way too fiddly if you could tweak on the run. You basically are forced to add a card after each battle and can occasionally remove a card (often the one you were just forced to add for me)

Been really enjoying Vault of the Void. Surprised there has been basically zero mention of it here as I’m going to go out on a limb and call it maybe the best spirelike I’ve played (although it’s early days yet). Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam. Extremely “one more battle.” Fiddling with the deck between battles has not been burdensome; I haven’t really tailored my deck to specific enemies, as I’ve only been playing on Normal, but perhaps at higher difficulties that becomes more necessary. Loving it!

I saw you were playing it but I’m waiting for EA to end. No timeline yet :(.

I grabbed this on a recent sale and only dipped a toe in as it’s still in early access and (more critically) I had a bunch of other new (not in Early Access) games to jump into. I’m glad to hear it is going well, I’m excited to really dig into this at some point!

Oh, damn, I forgot it was EA, as it’s quite polished. Here is the roadmap if anyone is curious:

Aside from the “massive artifact pass” I don’t see anything that seems like it would mess much with what’s already there.

We have very different definitions of “mess much with what’s already there!”

Ugh, can you imagine getting a bunch of the 136 achievements while it’s in Early Access and then having 1.0 come out and your achievements are all cluttered up with bullshit you got that shouldn’t count because the game wasn’t out yet and things changed by 1.0? The very idea!

What else looks like it will change existing balance or difficulty?

So there is a deck building Humble Bundle up now. What is everyone’s views on the games included. The only one I’ve actually played is cultist simulator.

Library of Ruina
Gwent Starter Pack
Black Book
One Step from Eden
Vault of the Void
Cultist Simulator

$15 for all of them.

Cultist Simulator is a huge matter of taste, I would see if you can demo it somewhere to get a feel for it. Besides that, I do love me some One Step from Eden, great game in the style of Mega Man Battle Network.

FYI a couple of them aren’t deck builders. Gwent, Wingspan, Cultist aren’t deckbuilders.

Black book was passable from what I understand.

One Step from Eden is the best of the bunch but it’s more action heavy. The game is fantastic though. Vault is good too but it’s in EA.

Looks like One Step from Eden and Library of Ruina are both on Gamepass so maybe I’ll check those out first before buying.

If you like card games in general this is a great buy but if you’re looking for deckbuilders than you might find it lacking.

Though One Step from Eden and Vault are worth $15 in total imo

Library of Ruina is so cool but SO anime. I love everything those guys put out, unfortunately their next game is going to be a gacha, which will probably fail.

Vault of the Void is really good.

It’s taking all my energy not to play it and wait for the EA to end!