Building a deck of deckbuilders

It even has its own thread 😁

I am annoyed with you for continually writing great reviews for games, but I have fortunately suddenly developed Rock8man-like powers to not buy a game if I’m not going to play it in the very near future, and I just don’t have time for this right now. Maybe by the time I do it will be in a bundle or on Game Pass or something.

If it makes you feel better about your abstinence, I really don’t like Poker Quest.
Firstly, it’s not a deckbuilder by any means. I don’t even think your deck is limited to 52 cards since I drew the same suit/face more than twice in a row.
Also, I felt you don’t get new abilities that often and the choices of new abilities often do not match your character. This mean you usually save your currency for something else unless you want to gamble. This makes everything feel extremely random. There were times I had a great run mainly because of how the bosses behaved or the ability I got. This isn’t like Slay, Monster Train, Vault of the Void or Breach Wanderer (my new fav) where you make completely logic decisions. There are skills involved but luck it’s the mainly driving force of success.

With that said though, I only played 11ish hours so I can be completely off base.

With that said, have you tried Breach Wanderers? It’s REALLY good. I don’t think any deckbuilders will meet it this year. It does so much stuff right…

Fully agreeing, this is not a deck-builder. It is better described as a ‘tableau builder’, which may be a term more familiar within board gaming, meaning that you assemble a bundle of action options that you lay out in a tableau, and choose between each turn.

Also, in contrast to Slay, there is rather a lot of randomness, including within:

Combat rewards (they are not pinned to the challenge level of the fight)
Items for sales in shops
What special nodes you can visit, some of which can be transformative (blacksmith, wizard, temple, witch enchantress)
A minority of item effects e.g., there are weapons that do between 1-N “Lightning” damage

I have! I bought the $5 intro pack for it on my phone was ago. It seemed like an ok Slay clone and I’ve really been meaning to go back to it. I’m going to reinstall it right now.

I know I’ve seen gameplay for this multiple times but I don’t even have it wishlisted. Maybe because of the deck/draw setup before runs? Can you swap cards in and out of your deck between fights on this one (which would cause me to have avoided it)?

Not between fights.

You can create your starting deck from a number of basic cards and determine the random card pool for the entire run before you start.
On top of that enemies have unique card they can offer as a choice.

Just chiming in here, yes the deck is limited to 52 cards, but it’s reshuffled every turn(or when it runs out). You and your opponent share the deck. Normally this doesn’t come into play, but there’s times where an ability will trigger off a suit or a color, and if you can lock down/control either, you can swing the play in your favor. If you mouse over the deck in the middle, it will tell you how many cards remain and how many were drawn. There’s also some classes in particular (Queen of spades, iirc) whose abilities more directly synergize with a suit, so keeping tabs of which cards in the suit have already been played can be critically important. For instance, one of her abilities draws all remaining spades, but if you notice two unplayed spades are absent, then they’re the hidden cards the enemy is holding.

I enjoyed my time with the game, and in particular, i really enjoyed the minigames (titan casino, etc), but do think they shot themselves a bit in the foot by putting a really dull class as the starting class. I think Kolbex should buy it ;)

Oh, hehe, so I am about 10 runs in to Poker Quest, and did not even realise this yet, never mind apply it. I bet it was in a tutorial that I ignored :-)

I got bored yesterday after my post and decided to make a tier list of the deckbuilders I’ve played. Most of them are 100% achievements unless I really didn’t like them there was new achievements added after I stopped playing.

FYI, I’m not a big fan of extra randomness in my card games. I feel card draw, route randomness, and artifacts and relic differences is more than enough.

it’d be nice if the titles were preserved on each. I only know banners of ruin because i recognize the logo from this great game :) What’s the one on top to the right of spire?

No erannorth or abalon?

Any mobile games you all recommend?

No, i don’t recall that it was actually. I remember the tutorial as being rather basic and not really covering some of the things you might expect (like it being one shared deck). I suppose this is fine, because I kind of dread more complicated tutorials, but it does mean that some of the finer tactical points might not be impressed on players (like tilting the deck in your favor). Once you start getting into classes that can really move cards, i think the game comes into its own more.

Slay the spire is now on apple arcade.

What are A5, B4-5, and D4? The rest I either recognize the cover art or can read the name, but I’m drawing a blank on those.

This is a genre where I’m normally more of a dabbler than an aficionado, but I’ve been seriously hooked on Dawncaster for the past couple weeks.

Good mix of classes and mechanics, and a strong one-more-battle pull.

As with Night of the Full Moon, I find that having it on my phone and able to hop in for a couple battles in odd moments winds up grabbing me more than having to block out a chunk of dedicated gaming time.

d4 is poker quest

@Hereafter is a fan of Breach Wanderers, which is at least on Android (as is Slay the Spire). Monster Train was supposedly coming (it’s on iOS), but there has been radio silence about it for many months.

As I mentioned, Dawncaster and Night of the Full Moon are both mobile-first and portrait mode, which is great. Meteorfall is also worth a look.

There are also ports of a number of the well-liked games in this genre, including Slay the Spire, Dicey Dungeons, Iris and the Giant, Breach Wanderers, and Arcanium.

Thanks, trying out beach wanders now