Building a new machine (also, USB naming can die in a fire)

Yeah, I had a 7700K with a stock cooler and no case fans and it was fine, once I started caring about these things I had to mess around fitting a proper cooler.

On the other hand while you could just about get away with it back then I’m not sure you can get away with it if you have an 8 core processor, like the one in that video.

We are talking Bruce Banner levels of angry

That’s not angry at all. When he really gets pissed, he ain’t Bruce no mo’.

Too late for Penny’s friend (and not helpful as it is OOS right now), but deals like this apparently happen:

This is amazing, if you like the overly dramatic style. it really captures the creeping horror when:

  • technology fails to work
  • dealing with corporate customer support.

Note that although this picks on Dell I have no reason to believe any of the other big workstation OEMS (HP, Lenovo) are any better.

Gonna hijack this thread for my build. :P

My evga 3080ti is on the way and a new PSU just arrived yesterday, so gotta get my ass in gear and order the rest of the parts. I have a few days off next week to assemble it.

Here is what I am looking at, and I am still trying to decide between them 2 mobo’s.

I’ll check out tonight unless someone has a better suggestion(s).

BTW @marxeil how did that power cable end up working out for you?

I read good things about the Taichi when I was researching my build.

Yeah its been my first choice since I started picking parts, but a friend keeps praising the MSI MEG, so I have it in consideration as the price is similar.

I still bought the wrong cable, fried the motherboard. Luckily Amazon to it back and replaced it.

You might consider the NH-D15S cooler. It cools as effectively as the NH-D15 if you add a second fan on it, and its design is less likely to conflict with tall things on your motherboard. I was planning to get an NH-D15 and my research led me to the ND-D15S instead, and it’s keeping Intel’s stupidly hot i9-10900K cooler than the liquid cooler that I replaced did.

Should you go for the MSI board (and need to flash the BIOS) please learn the lessons contained within this thread

Mine’s the 570 version but I’d imagine the process to flash the BIOS is similar and it might save you a frustrating couple of days. For what it’s worth the motherboards been great since I got it working.

Yes thanks! I shall do that! Do you think I even need the 2nd fan?

I found a write up on it also:

This cooler is just better straight up, if you add the second fan. They should really make it the default model.

How does the second fan work with this cooler ? If its on the front the ram will still be in the way.

Would it go on the back of 2nd heatsink, for a pull - pull airflow system?


As someone with a 5900X and the D15S, you honestly shouldn’t need the second fan, especially if you have a decent rear exhaust fan in the case that will be right behind the heatsink anyway.

I see , yeah I can always add it later if needed.

Yeah, the extra clips come in the box with the cooler so all you’d need to do is buy the extra fan on its own.

Yep. I have the second fan because I had an extra on-hand already that fit, so I went ahead and added it when I installed the D15S. From what I read about the difference it makes, you probably don’t need it – especially since your CPU isn’t going to be as ridiculously hot as mine. If you decide you do want a little more cooling, it’s super-easy to clip a fan on later.

You can mount them higher than you’ve drawn them.

I have once or twice filled my own 1TB drive. Ubigames donchaknow :/

Everything is on the way, I ended up getting:

Used suggestions from here and OCForums and ended up change the cooler, the M.2 drive, and as dumb luck would have it the Taichi board dropped in price by like $35 bucks, so another win! CPU will be here 1 day later than everything else.

The PC I planned on building last fall is finally going to happen! And everything was at or below MSRP even the GPU!