Building a PC next week

How does it all look? Everything compatible? Did I forget anything?

I’m about to order this stuff today, and just wanted to get a final opinion.

You can ignore the iPod. I’m getting my GF a new toy too since I am = )

For the love of all that is good and holy, do not buy one of those shitty Apevia power supplies. They’re almost as bad as Coolmax.

Get a real PSU, Antec, Thermaltake, OCZ, Seasonic, Silverstone, PC Power & Cooling, etc.

You are making a big mistake. Buy a Dell and upgrade the graphics card. There have been so many tears from custom built systems this year they would fill one of Tom’s spleens.

Looks damned fine to me - Similar to what I was intending to purchase in the next couple of months.

I’d be tempted to scale down the E8500 to and E8400, then spend the additional $100 gained on a better GFX card.

Having £300 for the card takes you pretty close to 9800GX2 territory.

What do you expect from a bunch of console-playing games journalists?

for all that is holy, do not buy from tigerdirect.

Ok, I made some changes. I swapped out for a better mother board and PSU.

How’s it look now:

Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it.

Liteon makes the drives for Sony :)

Well, I just ordered it. I just spent $1800 so I can spend more money on video games. = /

Maybe too late to make a difference, but the P5Q-E is a Crossfire MB; the 9800GTX is nVidia, so you need an SLI MB if you want to use two of them. So if you want a dual video card setup, you need to change one of those components (and get a beefier PSU); if you only want one video card, you could’ve saved some money on a MB with only one PCIe x16 slot.

If you live in the States, wouldn’t ordering from Newegg be cheaper?

Wow you’re actually buying a new keyboard and DVD drive. That’s like a total fresh start. I haven’t bought a complete system like that since 1999.

For those of us in new york state, newegg no longer charges sales tax. Now we just need amazon to follow and for our blind asshole governor to be voted out and we’ll be all set.

Buying from tigerdirect was probably a mistake. Good luck, man.

I have my order on its way, but I did something similar. I picked up an Asus P5Q-Deluxe and have an 8800GTS 640 MB to put in it. I was buying it for other features of the mobo, not the Crossfire. I have a SLI mobo right now, and even after 3 years haven’t used SLI yet. Fortunately, I also purchased that mobo for other features that I wanted not in the “lower” cost versions.

In regards to purchasing OEM versions, I did this in the past with XP and Vista, but I recently decided that the difficulty in doing upgrades of the mobo/CPU without disqualifying the OS (since it’s supposed to be attached to a specific system) it was better to by the Vista Upgrade package and do the clean install procedure. Pricing it out, it’s cheaper than buying OEM (it’s sitting here on my desk beside me right now, all black and pretty) and you get both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available in the package (unlike OEM). Fortunately, I still qualify for the upgrade since I have a full XP version that’s not been upgraded (my old Vista was also a full version).

Too late now, I suppose, but I figured I’d point out that you could save some money by buying the retail upgrade of Vista rather than going OEM and avoid some of the OEM pitfalls. Prices fluctuate, though, so perhaps it wouldn’t be that different whereever you are.

I love how “building a PC next week” became IMPULSE BUY OMG WTF!

Thats way too much for what you got, IMHO. I’d at least have looked into the Dell suggestion. A lot of us have gone that route in the last year with few, if any, unhappy results.

Well, $330 of that was the girlfriend iPod bribe…and $40 in tools(?).

Newegg or bust.

Yeah, I built my own last month and have been quite happy with the price, performance and reliability.

I…what? Tiger Direct? $1800?

man. Sorry :(

Jeez, don’t mention that total because people will think you need thousands of dollars to build a computer that can play PC games.

I guess my $500 budget build last year was kind of unfair since I had the monitor and XP. But everything else was brand new. My recent $500 upgrade was really just a money-wasting impulse purchase to play all the new games this fall.