Bukakke for kids!

Wow. Hasbro’s got some fucked up people in R&D.

The Super Soaker Oozinator

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Bio-ooze. I’m gonna use that one.

Edit: Now with riddle!

Here are four interesting and famous dice. They are known as non-transitive dice, or Efron’s dice. Here is the game we play with them. You can choose any die (singular of dice) that you want, and then I will choose my die; we roll our dice and the higher number wins. Which die would you choose?

LOL that vid is so wrong.

I’ll take die 3, the 6/2 die.

On second thought, no I won’t.

Hmm. If I take die 1, then you’ll take die 4, which gives me a 1/3 chance of winning. If I take die 2, you’ll take die 1, which gives me a 1/3 chance of winning. If I take die 3, you’ll take die 2, which gives me a 1/3 chance of winning. If I take die 4, you’ll take die 3, which gives me a 1/3 chance of winning.

So assuming I’m playing a rational opponent, it doesn’t matter what die I choose.

In short: it doesn’t matter what die you choose. As long you pick first, I will always have an option that will give me a 2/3 chance of winning to your 1/3.

LOL thats hilarious

Can we get a few ladies who are unemployed now that there are no booth babes at e3 and use them as test subjects with these guns being fired by teenage kids? I smell a new viral video in the making…

No that’s just the bio-ooze you’re smelling

I wonder how long it will take for amazon to catch this…

That is awesome! I hope someone’s caching that for when it inevitably gets yanked!

(…that was the best I could do, sorry. I generally don’t have this problem. Really.)


Pump the handle and sqiurt some ooze…


Could this be the theme song for it?

An enthuastic user review from Amazon

Pump out that ooze!, April 30, 2006
Reviewer: Jeffrey To (NYC, NY) - See all my reviews

One of the best innovations in group fun since the sleepover. I tested this toy out with some of my best girlfriends, and they all enjoyed being splattered with ooze. The only downside is your hand gets a might tired after pumping your gun during long durations, so be sure to have a friend to help you pump it out.

Once I had pretended the gun was stuck, and had my friend pump it while the nozzle was pointed at her face. She gave it a cock and was disdained to find her face covered in ooze! Some got in her mouth and she choked on it, she swallowed some but said it tasted kinda salty. I wouldn’t recomment swallowing it, but it’s non-toxic, so it won’t kill you to try.

Good times.

This toy is outstanding. I bought one at Fascinations Adult Store. You can refill the cartridges by yourself if desired. The first batch of goo that came with it was not warm or salty, but I’ve since corrected that problem.

That one’s my favorite, too. Hey Bill, when are you coming over?

Now we know what to get fire for her birthday. Hell, it’s what I’m getting everyone for their birthdays this year.

I’m getting one tomorrow.

It is presumed that the second chooser knows the entire set of dice and which one of the set the first chooser chose?

One what? RedTide or Bio-ooze?

A motherfucking oozinator. Then do drivebys at a local highschool during lunch hour.

So I guess the RedTide comes later in the month then.

Something like that.