Bulk CD Duplication

Does anyone have a good source that they have used or know someone that has used? I am looking to have about 500 / 1000 CDs made for my company here and we are looking at the best options.

What do you mean by “best”? In other words, what are your requirements?

Also, do you have someone at work who has experience creating CD-R masters?

Honestly it just needs to look good and be cheap :) I have never used any of these types of services before so I dont really know what to look for.

Also, do you have someone at work who has experience creating CD-R masters?

No but how hard could it be?

Naw, it’s not hard. There are just a lot of details to keep track of. If you get it wrong, the worse that happens is you lose some time and money.

Also, you have to be able to format your artwork using the artwork templates given to you by the replicator. So you need someone who knows how to use Quark or Photoshop or Illustrator and can process the CD artwork templates.

Does this CD contain computer software, CD audio, or both?
What operating system is it for (Windows, Linux, Solaris or MacOS?)

If it’s for Windows, use Nero and build yourself a Joliet CD with autorun and whatever, and close the session. That’s probably good enough for the replicator. Almost every dupe house will test the master before starting the dupe runs, and let you know right away if there is a problem. I remember one of our product managers sent in a MacOS CD for replication, and the dupe house sent it back with a 3-page error report.

Our burnmeister says we employ three different burn houses depending on the turn-around time required. He doesn’t remember any of their names, though. I have to ask the lady at work who actually sends the cd-r masters to the burn houses. I’ll get back to you on that.

The only thing on the CD is going to be a PDF file.

That’s easy, then.
Use Nero to build a Joliet CD.
Finalize the disc (multi-session = bad).
On the highest-quality CD-R media (not CD-RW!) you have, burn two or three copies at 1x or 2x speed.

Doesnt sound like a problem at all.

Know any decent places that do it? I am really looking for an all in one solution that would make us the Cover / Holder / wtfever and disc.

I used diskfaktory.com for my audio CD, and it came out fine aside from some broken tines inside the CD jewel cases. They have a lot of options for both cost-saving and good production value, and very low prices for short-run prints.