Bulletstorm: Epic's new game that ISN'T Gears 3

All over the place there are leaks of Game Informer’s new article on Bulletstorm, Epic’s new game under development by People Can Fly (Painkiller’s devs).

One blog even scanned the whole damn article :-( I would know a lot more about it if I read the scans, but I don’t play that, I’ll wait for my own issue.

Anyway, it seems like it deserves a thread, even if there isn’t any legit info released yet.

Make me Bonestorm or go to hell.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I initially read that as “Bonerstorm,” which would have been… I don’t know, maybe a really cool x-rated superhero or something.

Looks like it too has an insipid and “epic” story a la GoW3.

Could it have a worse name? Bangstix. Shootchute. Reign of Guns. Rain of Guns. Rain Gun. Actually Rain Gun is quite good. Use that.

Is this the first game by People Can Fly since Painkiller? Or did they do something between the two games?

PCF also worked on the expansion, Painkiller: Battle out of Hell. They then went on to develop a project that got signed at THQ. Which, obviously, never got released. PCF then was acquired by Epic. No idea though if Bulletstorm (or at least: its basic idea) is a leftover from that previous title.

You mean like: Painkiller?

I thought of the MMO Bonetown. (NSFW)


This thread was an excuse to start Painkiller again from the beginning: Absolutely brilliant. I think of all the games I’ve ever played in the “just shoot things, nevermind the story and setting” genre, Painkiller is my absolute favorite. I know for other people that’s Doom or Serious Sam. But for me it is definitely Painkiller. Every weapon is just such a joy to use. Every enemy is so fun to kill. I just absolutely love Painkiller in the scope of this genre.

So now I am officially excited about Bulletstorm. Hopefully they can recapture that magic.

Painkiller: Black Edition (the base game + first [and only good] expansion) is $10 on Steam, in case anyone is looking to get their Painkiller on.

I’m curious to see what people think about Bulletstorm after they get more info on it. I have a lot of faith in PCF, especially after getting the demo, but it’ll definitely get its share of “lol UE3 shooter boooo-ring!” responses.

Doesn’t sound like a vanilla shooter, though. They seem to have worked a good chunk of Japanese fighter Devil May Cry-like “style point” thinking into it. I love it when Western developers take on Japanese gameplay tropes, so I think this could be awesome. Really hopeful.

…Wait a second, Adam B, are you saying you’ve played a Bulletstorm demo already? Did you write about it anywhere?

He probably wrote this: http://gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2010/04/09/may-cover-revealed.aspx

Didn’t play it, but yeah, Scooter’s got it. I didn’t write the copy itself, though I was in on the demos.

The character design on the cover looks just ridiculous. I mean that in a good way. I know a guy with that hair!


I love that trailer. Great music and nice visuals, really sells the concept of the game. It’s not a thinking game, it’s a blow shit up in awesome ways game.

Nine Inch Nails in video game trailer.

And yeah, the game looks sweet. Wonder if co-op is in ?