Bullseye: innebriated dart tossing

Wtf? I’m getting randomly mailed copies of “bullseye magazine”.

It looks dirty when i flip through the pages. My hands feel filthy when I touch it. I don’t know wtf it is. But it (and whoever is sending IT) seems to think I’m some kind of skateboard punk gamer. At least that’s how I FEEL I’m being targetted. This is what I get for being young I suppose?

anyone else getting this trash? I never really read it just flipped through. What’s the journalistic communities opinion on it? (my best guess is its being sent out by target since it’s called bullseye. They have a game section up on their site with previews and reviews and jazz … but it looks like a lame duck right now).

Some ammunition: They have an article on mobile gaming that shines the Nokia’s N-gage in an extremely favorable light. I’d heard it was a steaming pile from every other major credible gaming source? And I’m also hearing about what blink182’s doing for the gaming world in here? bleh. IF this is societies idea of the “norm” gamer I think i’d rather not wear that label anymore.

I’ve been getting “off-shore sportsbook review”. Bizarre.