Bully Snags a 10

Bully is getting some great reviews. If the recent 1up podcast, where they interview one of the Rockstar guys, didn’t sell it to me, their review sure did. I’m suddenly looking forward to this one.

I’m also very much looking forward to the numerous examples of great reporting on this game from both the local and national news.

might be the last ps2 game I buy. I was going to skip it, but it looks entertaining as hell, so I’ll put up with the hideousness of 480i.

I had absolutely no interest in this game, but the more I hear about the more I think I might really like it (I will have to see what the other reviewers say though)

Of course, I have to find Okami (another game with thousands of things to fool around with and not enough time to do it).

Yeah, the R* guy on the 1Up podcast, which I’m in the middle of, does a poor job of selling the game. One problem is that they assume people are intimately familiar with the game, so they never actually state what the game’s about. They push the question about “what makes this different” pretty hard, and the R* guy doesn’t do that good of a job elaborating, other than saying the interactions are all individualized.

I gotta admit that the game does look pretty good.

And for this being the last PS2 game you buy… you’re not getting God of War 2?

I picked it up at lunch today based on a few early reviews and the coverage on the 1UP podcast. The potential of it seems very interesting. On a side note, I love the whole 1up podcast suite - 1UP Yours and EGM Live especially. It makes my week :)

It’s one of the last for me. With Guitar Hero 2, Final Fantasy XIII, and (as someone else mentioned) God of War 2 coming, the PS2 still has some life.

I wasnt a huge fan of god of war, I got bored about halfway through and returned it. Also it was so nice looking for a ps2 game that it really hurt it when I saw super blurry textures in places, I dont know whats wrong with me but I’ve got zero tolerance for blurry textures for some reason.

So I’ll probably rent gow2, but it wont be anything I need to own (though if it had co-op I’d bite, the wife likes beat em ups)

GH2 can wait for the 360 as I want the downloadable song feature.

Take off that ridiculous purple wizard robe. Throw down your magical sword. Holster that plasma riffle while you’re at it, and go ahead and crash your futuristic helicopter/spaceship into the nearest vagina-shaped alien fortress. Can we put a temporary hold on adolescent male fantasy? I mean Fantasy, like Final Fantasy, like airbrushed-Tolkien-on-the-side-of-a-custom-van fantasy. I’d rather escape to the circus than escape to another fantasy world full of elves in tights or linebackers in Robocop costumes. I’d rather spend my time in the real world.
Um. I just can’t bring myself to read any review that starts out like this.

Me neither.

I could barely finish the paragraph.

The paragraph is written obnoxiously but the point is mostly valid. Video games are pretty embarrassing.

Consider those guys who watch a lot of anime, and insist it’s just as much for grown-ups as “real movies” are.

Some of it is. Just like how not all “real movies” are “for grown-ups”.

Yeah. And all those stupid myths and legends! And all those dumb magical realism stories! And Romance novels! That’s like embarrassing stuff for girls!

Good thing nobody spends money on that stuff…

I dare you to watch the entire series of Monster, or Gankutsuo, and tell me that they’re not for “grown-ups.” I doubt you know anything about anime whatsoever. Also, shouldn’t you be in a biker bar right now winning arm wrestling contests? Or on a construction crew somewhere? If you’re embarrassed by video games, don’t play them.

The point is so completely invalid, it isn’t even a point.

That paragraph stands proudly at the intersection of mean-spirited stereotypes, humorless sarcasm and literary incompetence.

oh come now, anime, just like ALL ENTERTAINMENT, is 99% total shit.

though I agree it is equally shit for grownups, as grownups, like kids, are people and, of course, 99% of all people are total shit.

I’m sicker of hearing people complain about fantasy with elves in tights than I ever was of the elves themselves.

“And don’t even get me started on fantasy worlds - ELVES IN TIGHTS, right? Hahahafaggots” has become to games journalism what the Arnold Schwartzeneggar impersonation is to stand-up comedy.

Yeah, and it also looks suspiciously like an example of the curiously specific interest.

Like that old Link thread here from way back, where someone basically complained, “I’m sick of seeing Link in green form-hugging leathers that revoltingly show off the young and supple athleticism of his nubile body! fags.” or somesuch.

I put on my robe and wizard hat.

Hey, so what happened to that whole name change fiasco? Bully is still Bully, I notice, and not some obscure latin whatnot.