Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, a single developer can make a open world settlement builder.

for trade the rule is : what goes in, what comes out, so if you put your side of the traderoute next to your extractor which is +20 then you get about +18 out the other side (you need to pay for the transit to and from the harbor)

So I watched this video, and I’m still confused as to how to get more resource extractors. Might anyone help this idiot (I mean me) please?

So far this old city-building fan really likes the game!

You find extractors by exploring the map. And then deconstructing them / or using them where they are with a dock. :)

Wait I can deconstruct them too? Gah. That’s good to know, thank you. I found one and just added a dock to it, and I’ll leave it for now, but that’s good to know for the future. Thanks!!

I can’t get over just how fucking pretty this game is.

Also, had my first taste of combat tonight. Holy shit that’s satisfying.

Pretty meaty patch!

Hopefully this’ll make things a bit clearer, as I never fully understood what those big red “-2” over some towers fully meant.

Someone more knowledgeable than myself (like I dunno, the developer) may have more info, but I don’t think that’s super complicated, just that as towers reach a certain height they use additional manpower resource, so they’re pulling away from one of the generators (like a citadel) even more than the single step to that tower normally would. What I’m not entirely clear about is what advantage having really tall towers grants in to compensate for that additional use of workers. I mean, besides looking really cool. I made one outpost that had several tall towers with skyways connecting them, I loved the way that looked when it came together.

this is it it’s a cost per tower. And its been removed in this patch. but thats how it works,

just like a wooden tower subtracts 1 wood from your range/supply. A big command tower subtracts a worker per floor.

But honestly the design for this was waaaaay bad, cuz it felt really important and confusing… The new design (it just shows 1 red bar or multiple red bars in the appropriate resource in the bottom left building resource windows. Less urgent, more relegant.

And actually it opens the way for more mechanics like this that can change the resource system.

Awesome, thank you. Really enjoying your game.

glad to hear it,., It has a way of hooking some people completely while turning others away. hahaha I don’t know what that says about me as a designer, cuz it was the same with the falconeer.

At least not boring ;) But I’m glad this time so many folks are finding the joys I try to create… thanks for trying it.

I think theres a dissonance between strategy-minded gamers (city builders, 4X kind) who want to understand the numbers and optimise and other gamers who are there for the vibes, ease of play and the eye-catching procedurally crafted playground.

Enjoying the building and exploring without worrying about ‘winning’ states is great for accessibility and playing around in your world.

But ultimately, I think the numbers and the trade routes and captain/resource assignments encourages even the most casual playful folks to try and optimise things, even if - just a little bit. So they want to known what the numbers mean.

I initially thought that the minus numbers on the command towers meant i was missing something that needed to be fulfilled by some other source.

The source and sink style setup though, allows for a great deal of flexibilty and creativity without knowing having to know and game the exact numbers at play.

IMHO, the exploration of the mechanics are part of the enjoyment of the game. Simple controls, although unconventional, give you enough to start building and exploring and that sets off narratives whichever direction you take.

As I said before, the world, lore and faction importance didn’t make immediate sense to me in the first game The Falconeer. I knew it was an arcade ariel combat game, with the warbird being the main twist, but I just didn’t settle into the Ursee universe. Whereas this game has totally immersed me into that environment and has made me the key factor at shaping the settlements and factional survival and growth of it. That is a major draw… but also, its not a complicated bogged down grand strategy title that needs intimate knowledge with the numbers behind the scenes.

Its so gorgeous and satisfying to craft settlements and the fluid sandbox you play in is quite forgiving for new players, it really has me wondering where the third title in the “trilogy” of games is going to go.

I was sold on the idea of The Falconeer, but it didn’t get it talons deep enough into me… but the Bulwark has me.

Really enjoying your games Tomas, I hope they do well and we have the privilege to play in your world some more…

One thing I really like about the game that I don’t think I’ve seen much mention of is that Bulwark continues the story of the first game, even though it’s really low-key in expressing that. The first game ended with a massive war between the factions and Bulwark shows you the aftermath of that war, several decades on. It’s there if you want to poke into it, or just ignore it if it doesn’t interest you.

Is there anything much in the full game that wasn’t in the demo?

I really really enjoyed the demo, but, and no criticism, if there isn’t that much more I’m a bit unsure about picking it up.

Might be some spoilers in there.

Bulwark will be receiving monthly updates with new content. I feel like I’ve seen juuust about all the game has to show me, but I’ll be keeping the game on my hard drive to check out new stuff as it drops.

How many hours in are you? I’m 6 and still in the first campaign and having a ball.

Game clock tells me I’m at about 27 hours. During that time I’ve played two of the three campaigns, and with both I feel that I’ve sort of “plateaued”, in that I’m not seeing a lot of new captains or refugees or other stuff pop up. I have uncovered two wonders, but I’m still not 100% sure what to do with them, if you do actually do anything with them beyond place and admire them. I have not yet played the third (Imperium) campaign yet, but I may save that for later when some of the extra content releases.

I wonder if this latest patch will fix some of the issues you’ve had?

I don’t necessarily think of any of the things I’ve seen as issues as such, I just assumed that at some point you move into late game where resources just kind of taper off and you work with what you’ve accumulated so far. If anyone has found that not to be the case then yeah, let me know.

At 27 hours I think you’ve mined the game :)
the mancer wonder is a cool terrain modifier, its mostly for fun
the Bannerless wonder intimidates, is an effective guntower and like speed levels your units.

There isn’t an endgame, the game is a bit too chill builder for that.
Hence the roadmap to add more, I sort of design my games for about 10-ish hours of content.I am perplexed at folks spending 150 hours in it, (I had someone put that into the demo, damn talk about intending a starter and giving them the entire meal .,lol)

I think tho the wonders are the natural end of progression, I might make more of those at some point for fun.

What is coming next is some trade stuff in the shape of captains that provide buffs if they trade with their own faction and a reward currency that you can sigh… grind… to spend on extractors or healing your troops, for now. And then some tribute diplomacy events, that can end or prevent a war situation.
(so you give tribute or receive it)

then the next update after (end of may likely) is going to be naval combat and war themed. It will come with a controllable surface fleet via a naval command hq building, 3 carriers and 3 naval events, i.e new war events such as blockades and hostile settlements spawning fortresses around themselves to make attacking them much more work/harder

that naval command update , will also ship with a new gamemode… “total war” (working title) where you start of at war and get high rates of units thrown at you as you build up to defend yourself and ultimately counter attack and wipe out the enemies.

I think that latter will be a fun twist for a “chill builder” lol.

both these will be free named content addition.