Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, a single developer can make a open world settlement builder.

Hey, @FalconeerDev, I hope you don’t mind me calling you out, but I’m a bit stuck, I think. I’m in the first campaign, and I’ve unlocked the wonders for two of the factions, but I seem to have no luck figuring out how to unlock the third, the Imperium. I’ve maxed out the soul trees, as far as I can tell:

However, unlike when the other trees were maxed out, no event seems to be triggering. I’ve flown around the map twice now to no avail. There are still some Imperial settlements that have not yet joined me. Could that be it? Can you help, please?

Thank you.

What platform are you on… the Xbox and ps5 patch is still in certification and it fixes quite a lot of stuff…

On pc…

Well technically you shouldnt be able to receive all 3 wonders in one playthru.

But folks seem to get a kick out of managing their faction alignment to get it so.

I am honestly not quite sure how players have managed…

I think the wonder quest might be exclusive . So perhaps remove the first wonder and then try again. So it thinks no wonders are installed…

And then only when you have all three build em

Ohhh okay, sorry I didn’t specify, I’m on PC.

So is there a point then when I should move onto the next campaign? I know it’s not about winning. I just didn’t want to miss anything.

Sorry, half asleep, I’ll pick up Atun and see if that triggers the Imperial wonder. Thank you!

I hope some is this at least will be optional or not too hard.

Super very optional :)

Caught a very brief bit of Bulwark (and Tomas) on this years Second Wind GDC excursion… (around the 11 minute mark)

Looking forward to the new captains and the naval command update very much so.

Does the roadmap equally apply for both PC and console versions of the game? Or is there a lag on the console end?

I don’t think they enjoy my quirky divergent builder, cuz it hasn’t popped in their other coverage ;) lol. will take what I can get;)

Console has exactly the same roadmap, tho patches and updates may take up to a week longer to get certified by microsoft and sony,.

The publisher also lets them simmer a few days on steam, cuz I usually spot a bunch of smaller issues due to the increased playtime of the userbase.

So yes consoles get everything, just a week or so later. Actually Console just this morning received the first major patch with a ton of changes and improvements

JM8 seemed really impressed. But I’d be keen on getting Frost’s “cold take” on your game and unique approach to the genre. :)

Thank you for explaining the process and I’m keen to get my PS5 copy patched up!

ha that would be cool, but I don’t think they will cover the game further, they haven’t done so far, and its a fairly niche game regardless. but would be enjoyable…

That is a great trailer.

Thanks. And in two days the sale cooldown from launch will end and the game will go on sale again.

This update will hopefully launch early next week. (Depending on platforms and beta feedback over the weekend )

Any comments on the trailer or why you’re linking it? Perhaps there’s info available about the update, or is it only available in trailer form?

It would be nice if folks would post something more than a bare link.

EDIT: Apparently the info is only available in trailer form, since it was part of some presentation called Wired Direct '24. The only non-trailer info I could find on Steam is this:

No word on release date unless it’s mentioned in the trailer.

EDIT EDIT: Ah, I see Tomas himself mentions two posts later it should be out early next week! Thanks, @FalconeerDev!

Update is out today!

Jup. We are trying to appease the powers that be (Xbox and playstation )to approve their console patches at speed:)

My new wallpaper:

I still haven’t quite figured out how this game works, but it sure is gorgeous!

Hey Tom I’ve added a bit more guidance to the latest update, also…made the core loop clearer via the soultree screen

Build up population that unlocks various commanders and captains like a techtree per faction.

So in the tutorial you should get taught the basics of building up your settlement and moving resources about.

If you do that and build up population the various soultrees will grow and unlock content that appears in the world.

If you just fly off you are basically not getting a lot of content. The goal is to build and design your settlement and stuff flows from there.

Lemme know what aspect has you stumped :)

Oh, no, sorry, I didn’t mean that I was stuck or stumped or anything quite yet. Well, not entirely. And that wallpaper was specifically for the open lonely vibe, which I appreciate in a wallpaper. I’ve got a much larger contingent accompanying my surveyor now that I’ve rebuilt everything back up. I’ve got a healthy “city” going again (maxxed out command tower out of frame to the right):

I’ve been exploring outwards, just visiting places, collecting outposts, setting up trade routes, recruiting captains, and such. I’ve done a lot of tearing down and restarting, and I made a concerted effort to untangle my trade routes and better manage captains, which is where I’d given up before. Right now, I’m just kind of visiting places, figuring out how better to nudge up the population numbers for the other factions, maybe considering checking out the next step of the campaign (if it’s unlocked, which it occurs to me, it may not be).

But on the whole, I’m totally okay with the current balance of ingame help and “exploration of mechanics”, even if I’m squarely in the “exploration of mechanics” stage right now. : )

Plus just the exploration in general. Stuff like this is pretty awesome to discover:

And this:

And the airship pr0n is beyond reproach:

Hahaha yeh.

Well I wanted a game that only ever allows you to fantasize and never reach the grind to win phase .

So that is about as much as expect folks to do.

I am adding more combat and all that, (and the tts update makes that a loooot harder to pull off already), cuz its fun to work on.

But it’s literally only there to give you the feeling that it could happen. Makes the fantasy a bit more tangible.

That is quite an odd approach and confusing as hell for some gamers.

But once you get dreaming it’s a lovely little voyage…

… I should really also make more airships.:).
(Tho am reworking the houses first , so that they auto spawn to better ones based ont he situation and despawn down to wooden shacks if you don’t give em acces to stuff).

And adding more houses and little top tier palaces, new walls. Etc etc.

I think I am the biggest dreamer here cuz this game keeps tugging at me to work on . Which I shall keep doing .:)