Bumblebee - Bayformers prequel


Directed by Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings).


He’s the one that took a piss on John Turturro in one of those interchangeable movies, right?

No way to go from there but up, I should think.


First, the director made a legit great animated movie, so he’s shown he can do a good kids movie. Second, Bumblebee is a VW Bug as God intended. Finally, Hailee Steinfeld is a terrific actor. I’m cautiously optimistic.


Yeah, as a massive Marvel comic pre-Bay Transformer nut, I’m cool with this.

Who’s the badass Decepticon? Is he an F-4 Phantom? Where’s the toy! I will want it.

I could do without the government military hunting the bad robot thing, if that’s what they’re doing.


Wow, this looks like it might actually be…good?!


This is correct, and good, and just.

I have no idea how this is supposed to mesh with the michael bay transformers movies, but also, who gives a crap.

Bumblebee should always have been a bug.

Looks like it’s starscream, so he’s an F-15.


Yup. Another G1 design. Praise Cybertron!


Best looking Transformer yet, because the peices are bigger and more car-looking when it’s in robot form. Less moving parts works great here.

No opinion on the rest of it yet. If it’s just a happy kid’s buddy tale it probably won’t hold my interest, but otherwise it looks much better than all the others.


If you pause it at 1:45 the jet looks much more like an F-4 … the nose,the slit intakes, the wings below them rather than alongside, the central tail fin. Unless you mean that the Seekers have traditionally been F-15s, well, G1s were, but the CHUD classics were F-15s with the nose of an F-14.


Based on the coloring, I thought it was starscream. At least it looks like it to me. And Starcream was definitely an F15 Eagle.

The initial view of the aircraft, which is already partway through it’s transformation, is here.

I see what you’re talking about, in terms of the intakes being similar to an F-4, but I think that may just be due to it already being in the midst of a transformation. However, it looks like the cockpit also resembles an F4, rather than an F15. Also only has one visible tailfin, which would match an F4, not an F15.

However, if it is an F4, then that would mean that it’s not Starscream, but is instead potentially Fireflight, who was another autobot.



That definitely looks like the F4 Firestrike/Fireflight.

Fireflight first appeared as a member of the Aerialbots. A reckless flyer, pays no attention to the safety of others as he can get easily distracted by the vistas he sees below while in flight.


Yeah, see, that’s totally an F-4.

Here he is as an F-15 with an F-14 canopy. I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of reasoning they might shake things be up a bit.


So it’s a prequel? BB came to Earth to scout it out, adopted the VW Bug mode, then somehow later turned into his current iteration? I really hope he talks in this one - the radio shtick got old really fast in the Bay movies. Plus BB never stfu in the cartoons!


I honestly don’t see how this can be a prequel… seems like more of a reboot. Has someone explicitly stated it was a prequel?

Is michael bay even involved with this?


Sure looks like a prequel to me.


It’s a prequel. It’s set in the 80’s. Remember, according to the other movies, Bumblebee was just waiting around for the rest of his buddies to show up.


My thoughts, exactly.


Oh wow, I thought she looked familiar. It’s the main actress from True Grit!


Similarly to @spiffy I’m a completely unreformed 80s Transformers nerd. This is the closest I’ve come to wanting to see a Micheal Bay universe movie.

Also kubo and the two strings was fucking brilliant.


I am more confident that’s a much more known villain (Star Scream) than whatever some of you guys are talking about. I suspect there is some “over thinking it” going on here. :)