Bumblebee - Bayformers prequel


There’s not really anything about the video that suggests it’s a villain.


Well, that’s why I’m saying, Starscream could be an F-4 in this one. I mean, why not. Hasbro is dying to make toys that they haven’t iterated and sold to fans fourteen times already, right? So Bumblebee is the familiar, the rest not so much.

Or yeah, maybe the shot is just deliberately messing with us, because that’s what a good trailer does.


Now I want some honey.


New trailer. Man, the Transformers look 100000000x better than the shitty Bay polygon fighting team. It’s great that the robot forms actually look like transformed cars, and more true to the proper 80s versions. Optimus Prime actually looks like classic Optimus.


Okay, that trailer looks FANTASTIC.


Looking at the Director’s background, I almost guarantee he watched the cartoons like we did and was inspired by them whereas obviously Bay ignored them. Hopefully this can reboot things the “right” way.

Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker along with Soundwave, Shockwave and Ravage confirmed says all you need to know IMO.


Agreed, that trailer made me want to go watch the original cartoons again even. Fuck, that looks amazing. I’m in opening weekend for sure, if I wasn’t already (I also liked the first trailer).


So how do they square it with the contiunity of the main Transformers movies? I thought Bumblebee first arrived back in Transformers 1, now they are retconning?

Not that it really matters anyway, at this point Transformers plot is like porn plot, it is only there to facilitate the action. Or to sell toys.


I really like what I see, but I’m curious how they’ll explain Soundwave’s G1/cassette tape deck design while he’s still on Cybertron.


This Bumblebee movie looks so much better than the Michael Bay movies. Can’t wait to see it.


It’s amazing what happens when you hire people that respect the material. Marvel figured that out long ago.


I didn’t see any hanging metal balls, so I’m not sure if I’m on board with this one just yet …
[narrator: he really is]


Finally, they retained the look and feel of the original Transformers. I will be catching this in the cinema, excited!


Rule of cool.

This is what I wanted in a Transformers movie. Looks like they took a lesson from Marvel, just tell the stories that people like and stop screwing with established characters.



Man, that looks so freaking cool.

How many movies will I end up seeing in the theater’s next month!? I think it’s up to like 3 already.


For me, depending on reviews / word of mouth:

Mortal Engines
Spider-Man : Into the Spider-Verse
Creed 2

Hum… that’s a bunch. I’m sure some will suck.


Yeah, I could see myself seeing any of those - and I still haven’t seen Ralph 2 yet!


So it seems like this movie is actually going to be good? I actually enjoyed the first one. I’m not sure that I’ve seen more than bits and pieces of any of the others but I recall thinking that it was complete schlock.