Bumpy, shiny CS:S models


I love it when people do this kind of stuff.

I’m not heavy into CS:S right now because I’m still playing Evil Genius (the same think we do every night, Pinky!), finishing up Fable, getting those last few crashes done in Burnout 3 with the g/f, and slowly pushing the Gauls back through Spain. So not much time right now.

Hopefully the guy (and others) will continue to tweak and tune the models and I’ll have a nice upgrade to look forward to when I get into some CS. :)

Ack, the lack of a bizarre saran-wrap sheen and overemphasised ridges is something that makes the HL2-engine characters actually look realistic compared to Far Cry, Doom 3, et al.

Yeah, I really dislike the plastic look of the characters in Doom 3, EQ2 and the like. Can’t wait for that trend to go away.

They look good to me. Bumpy but not shiny. Of course, I just have the one shot to go by.

Does anyone want to post a screenshot of these new models?

First post in the linked thread.


I wasn’t aware camoflauge was so textured.

Same here.
Btw, I’m having a lot of fun with this game.

whats to prevent people from making “bright skin” type stuff?

Nothing - which is why some servers and ladders now make you use auto screen cap software which auto sends screen shots to the server.

Not so handy for Pub servers but for clan matches it’s a great idea.