Bundlef*ck III: The Softening

I found this particular dipshittery amusing:

It’s impressive when there’s an attach rate for software purchases.

That’s sad. :(

highly annoying…

That’s pathetic.

No wonder they ran out of CE’s to sell even to people who pre-ordered… someone must have taken a look at eBay.

If they did cancel pre-orders to make available bundles that include the CE, their stores should be looted.

“I’m here to pick up the CE I pre-ordered.”
“We don’t have any more CEs to fill pre-orders.”
“But what’s that right there?”
“Oh, that? It’s a CE bundled with the original game and a strategy guide.”

I hate bundles and it really does suck if they passed over valid pre-orders to create these bundles… but, the price on the Burning Crusade CE/binder bundle is actually better than the going price on ebay for just the CE.

Why do you guys keep going back to EB?

It’s like those poor deluded fellows that kept trying to make out Master of Orion 3 to NOT be one of the worst games released in years, posting on forums ect., and then acting virginally indignant at yet another unforeseen transgression and failure. OMG, they aren’t going to fix things!!@?

It’s like there you’re playing this meta-game trying to see just how far EB will sink to screw you. And then hooting and hollering when it happens, proving your suspicions.

I’ll buy the occasional piece of hardware or PC game from EB, but with CEs at
triple the price of the regular edition, and pre-owned games that cost exactly
the same as the new game, I sure wish we had a choice of more than four shops
in the city centre :/

Other places just screw you in different ways. The big box stores screw you on breadth of selection, the online stores can screw you on shipping and availability, eBay can screw you in a million random ways…

It depends on what you’re personally willing to put up with, mostly.

Actually I just found this online and was amused.

But when I lived close to an EB I kept going back because they had selection. Without EB’s selection if you want something that was in the intermediate range on the “time since release” factor, and that was a relatively mediocre to poor seller, there’s literally nowhere else to look. The big box stores don’t keep back stock; hell they likely didn’t ever stock whatever it was in the first place. That leaves EB/Gamespot as the only specialist stores, or trying to trawl around the internet and find it sitting in the warehouse of some dinky internet reseller. At least at EB I know what I’m getting and can see it.

My main problem with EB is simply that it’s not EB any longer, but Gamestop instead. I think Gamestop runs a shitty business compared to how EB was pre-sale, and it’s showing through on the EB side of things now too. I’d love to see another gaming specialist store open up, but realistically there’s probably no market for them with most of the money coming on sell-through of huge mega-hit titles, which Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, and all the other big retailers can handle just fine.

(Also, I’d point out for all the “screwing” going on, folks sure had a better chance to get a copy of this particular hot commodity from EB/Gamestop than they did from Best Buy or Wal-Mart if they knew they wanted it in advance. I think Best Buy took preorders on the CE for all of 7 hours or so.)

Wait … these look like different SKU’s to me. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t able to get the CE due to availability from EB but still, the binder makes me think Blizz put it together, not EB.

Further reading leaves me even more confused. Is this an EB bundle or not? Anyone know?

The binder is probably just part of this strategy guide, not from Blizzard. I saw the same binder (I think) available by itself at Future Shop when I picked up BC.

EB/gamestop chicanery? No way.

The only thing thats interesting about the CE to me is the art book and especially the soundtrack. I’m sure the soundtrack will be on the net soon enough. As for a dvd version of the game, all it will take me is 10 minutes to copy all the cds to the hard drive and 5 minutes to burn a dvdr. Though it wasn’t that long of an install off the cds last night, certainly not as bad as the regular game is.

Fuck Gamestop, I am officially done with them.

More and more this looks like they did indeed make their own bundle, after denying my CE copy and shipping my reluctant normal copy a day late.

I’m with you Olaf I think this is my last straw.

Any recommendations for an online retailer that is good with pre-orders?

I’d totally flip out on GameStop if they denied me a pre-order but had copies of the CE in a store-made bundle.

There needs to be a documentary or video montage of customers flipping out at EB/Gamestop.

You can be damn sure that a side suto would be involved, at some point.