Bungie and Activision are splitsvillle, daddy-o

Holy shit!

Good grief. By those standards I had an industry-shaking divorce after lunch while messing around on my phone.

Does this mean they’re gonna take my free copy of Destiny 2 off the Battle.net launcher? Maybe Bungie can move it to the Epic launcher.

Not that surprising when you keep in mind how Activision’s latest investor call was chock full of disappointment over Destiny 2 and Forsaken numbers not meeting expectations.

The launcher question was legit my first thought. I can’t imagine too much else changing in the near future.

Oh come on, Bungie goes to all that trouble to extricate themselves from the clutches of Microsoft, then make a deal with the devil, that is to say Activision, only to claw their way out again? That’s kind of a big deal!

It’s definitely big news. I think while many of us thought it was weird for Bungie to leave MS specifically to seek more freedom, then hook up with Activision, we didn’t expect the relationship to end so quickly.

Looking up old news, it looks like April 2010 is when Bungie announced a 10 year deal with Activision. So basically they’re ending the deal one year early? That doesn’t sound too bad. I hadn’t realized it had already been 9 years.

I’m mostly bustin’ chops ;)

I just don’t think “Developer, publisher end publishing agreement over disappointing franchise sales” is exactly man-bites-dog stuff.

Apologies for trying to project a No Fun Zone, though. I haven’t cared about AAA games since (checks calendar) September 2013, so I’m just yelling at a cloud over here. Carry on :)

Myth II was absolutely seminal. Respect.

Halo 1+2 were pretty fucking great too, though. Real talk.

I’ll only care about Bungie if they make a new Myth the Fallen Lords. That was so much better than this Halo crap.

I want Oni 2!

I think back to the Bungie chapter in Jason Schreier’s book, it’s a pretty interesting relationship they had with Activision. Sounds like things have been rough for some time, better this than Activision shuttering the studio at least. Yes, I am still bummed about EA and Pandemic after all these years.

OMG, I wanted to like Oni so bad at the time. That was the height of my “Macs aren’t terrible for gaming, I swear!” self-delusion in late adolescence.

I think I played Oni on PS2, I don’t remember it being that interesting. The Myth games were all right, especially the bomb throwing dudes? Though I mostly ended up blowing myself up.

Marathon was awesome.

…so people who played it tell me

It really was. Much more impressive to me than, say, Half-Life, and pretty darn early on, too.

I loved every second of Oni. I just loved walking into a room, have everyone turn towards me as I entered, thinking “Oh shit”. And then “Well here we go”, as I somersaulted through the room, avoiding gunfire, doing a hand stand and wrapping my legs around the first enemy to take him down, then moving from soldier to soldier.

Can we get Myth 4 now? Please? Myth 3 was kind of a travesty compared to 1 and 2.

Myth 2 came with a bug that would wipe your hard drive if you uninstalled. Myth 3 never existed.

They fixed it why can’t you let that go?!