Bungie and Activision are splitsvillle, daddy-o




Bhahahahaha ooh no hahahah


In all seriousness, I look forward to Myth 4 being available exclusively on the Bungie Launcher/Store.


Marathon was dope, but that head-bob.


Just need to get COD Black Cops removed from my damn Battle.net launcher.


Its all kicking off at Activision eh?


Next story: Destiny 3 to be an Epic Store exclusive.


I had no idea it was just a publishing deal, I thought Activision owned them. Neat, I guess?


And Tencent buys a stake in the newly re-formed Bungie in 10,9,8,7…


Good guess, but wrong Chinese evil corporation. The article said they sold their pretty little asses to Netease instead.


They didn’t want to make Halo forever, so they demanded (and got) their release from MS. In retrospect, MS should have given Bungie some freedoms and leeway to explore, but in the end they could have been total dicks about the entire thing. To MS’ credit, they weren’t and they let Bungie go.

But this publishing deal with ATVI had doom written all over it from the start. Did they not expect that Activision wouldn’t want annual installments of the same game? Did they not see Guitar Hero and COD?


So this means there will be a new Mac-only Marathon right?


Did they not expect that Activision wouldn’t want annual installments of the same game? Did they not see Guitar Hero and COD?

That was always part of the original contract. The documents were made public as part of the the Activision vs. Zampella/West lawsuit.

  • Destiny will consist of a series of four MMO-style “sci-fantasy action shooter” titles, released every other year beginning in Fall 2013.
  • Expansion pack-style downloadable content (DLC), code named “Comet,” will be released every other year beginning in 2014.
  • Destiny will feature a number of DLCs, microtransactions, and value-added paid services.


Oh wow, so there were to have been 3 Destiny games at this point, with a 4th on the way later this year?


No, that was just the original plan way back when Activision and Bungie teamed up. Software development, eh.


Pathways Into Darkness


Except for being a giant sucking leech, what does Activision do for gaming anymore? CoD and and Blizzard would do just fine without them. So outside of that what do they have?


Certainly the need to have big publisher backing is much lower these days, trending towards zero, but 9 years ago Bungie needed the development cash, publishing resources, and worldwide retail sales team Activision offered.

I would assume they’ll self publish on PC and possibly sign an exclusive with a first party if they want to ship to retail on console. Edit: or just sign a simple publishing deal with someone like 2K or EA for retail distribution.


Nice! We may see a return to the pre-steaming-pile-o-sh!t days of Bungies halcyon golden years.

Myth, Marathon, Halo, et. al. One can always hope / dream.


Except basically all the people at Bungie that did stuff that wasn’t Halo left already.