Bungie is "Fighting the Flood" with Red Cross


Am I the only one that says what in the fuck to this? Is it just me or is it the only way to get some gamers to donate money to give them a shirt in return? Seriously.

I suspect the guys at Bungie wanted to do something to help, and this was what they came up with. I don’t see the problem.

What the hell, you know? Go for it. I have to admit I was a bit fuddled to see someone selling home beauty products on HSN offering to give 5% of the profits to the Red Cross though. Is this a legitimate way to support the relief effort or is it marketing? Is there a line? I don’t have a good answer but if it’s really helping folks I guess there are bigger things to worry about.

The best way to get people to donate is to have them buy something in the process. Bungie can basically sell low quality t-shirts and sell the markup to charity. It’s how the Girl Scouts have been operating for who knows how long. I stopped buying from them because the Scouts is a bad organization, but I buy Campfire Girls cookies all the times. Delicious and inclusive! mmm!

The Arbiter doesn’t care about grunt, uh, people.

It makes sense. I don’t think there’s any way to be outraged about giving money, no matter what form it takes. Last night at the grocery store they asked if I wanted to add a dollar to my order for flood relief. Of course I said yes. That adds up.


This type of thing has been used since time immemorial to get people to donate to a cause. People are often much quicker to give money if they feel they’ll get something out of it on top of the good feelings of donating. Not only that, but someone will often be quicker to donate if they have some sort of token they can show off as a result – just take a look at all the rubber cause bracelets floating around on people’s wrists these days.

We’re planning on doing something similar at Raven. I’m also collaborating with a couple of coworkers to do our own small Red Cross donation plan – we’re putting up hand knit items that we’ve made ourselves for sale and donating 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross.

Since this sorta seems like the thread to mention such things, CDBaby and many of its musicians are currently donating all of their profits to the Red Cross.