Burger King 911

The bottom 1% needs to go, man. Not related to the breakfast burger, BTW.

http://shift6.com/qt3/burgerking911.wma (audio, SFW)

ROFL, gota a source for that? doesn’t seem possible someone is actually that stupid.

That’s got to be a goof but it is REALLY funny.

Has you heard the one with the guy that sees an accident with the old ladies? That one ROCKS. Snopes has the file:


Heh, that BK one is awesome. The Jack-in-the-Box one sounds like a prank, though. The guy doesn’t sound genuine and he’s a little too immediate with some of the details. Like when he immediately says that there’s four little old ladies in the car like a second after the accident happens.

I think the BK one is real. At the very beginning you hear its a sheriff’s office taking the call. If it were fake it wouldn’t be a sheriffs office answering the call they would just use 911. (I know some small towns dialing 911 takes you to the sheriffs office, but if the thing is faked the dispatcher would answer ‘911 How may we help you?’ or something to that effect.)

Also the lady gives pointless details like where she lives. If this were orchestrated information like that would be left out.

Where were you when we needed fake vs. real evidence on the Rathergate Memos tronnc!!!

On a similar note: I received a call today from a guy who was freaking out. To review, I work at a mutual fund company in the office where we take buy/sell orders, review accounts, etc.

So anyways the freaking out guy. He started telling me a story about how his mom was in the hospital and that we put her there. He said that because her money was with our firm, it wasn’t doing any good for them and in fact was actually doing them harm. Thus, he argued, we should be taking some responsibility for it. When I tried to figure out what I could really do for the guy (ie, is there an account number I can look up?, what is your name?, are you the financial advisor?, etc) he started yelling into the phone for me to get someone else who could talk to him since I wasn’t going to help him.

Crazy fucking people.