Burger King to sell Hot Dogs?

See the training video for employee’s:


This was announced 4 days ago, I somehow missed the news until today!

For shame, lordkosc, have you not spent the requisite hundreds of hours to familiarize yourself with every single horribly named thread on the entire forum? ;)

Well I searched for Burger King and Hot Dog, and that thread never was offered as a suggestion. :p

I’m sure the dogs at Burger King will be okay. They have a grill and the hot dogs will be standard wieners. The pricing doesn’t seem out of line with Dairy Queen or other grill joints that offer hot dogs as part of the fast food fare.

Thing is, nothing beats Costco/Sam’s Club for cheap dogs. You can get a meaty polish dog and a drink for a $1.50 with all the onions, kraut, relish, and mustard you could want.

Yeah, Costco dogs are the best value out there, and they’re tasty (well, as hot dogs go at least).

My kids consider a trip to Costco a treat. Feed a family for $5!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, nothing compares to a Nathan’s dog actually purchased and eaten at the original walk-up in Coney, (atmosphere and history have a lot to do with it) but for a $1.50 you’re getting a solid wiener and a soda.

A good Chicago-style dog is great, but I think Fluky’s is gone except as a brand name on local dogs at retail and one location in a Walmart.

Between the $1.50 hot dog meal and all the free samples on a Saturday, I eat like a King at Costco!

That video doesn’t look useful in terms of training… And isn’t snoop a gaIllionaire? He must really love BK

Have you tried their barbequed brisket sandwich? Pretty darned good! (I mean Costco’s. Not BK’s)

And the Wisconsin Costcos have the same $1.50 deal for brats (with sauerkraut if you wish) because it’s, you know, Wisconsin.

So it’s hotdogs for dinner, because all of you people.

God, now I want costco dogs.

For a while I worked about a block from the local Costco. Lunch runs there were a favorite.

Please rephrase the second sentence. People are eating here. :)

Much like IKEA, Costco does not seek to make a profit on the food. So yeah, a really good deal.

Costco hasn’t budged the price of the hot dogs since they started selling them. A hot dog and soda have been $1.50 for 30 years. They’re so adamant about keeping the price down that they cut out the middleman a long time ago and began manufacturing their own dogs.

And I love me a slice of Costco deli pizza.

In Canada, the hot dog and drink used to be $2.00 but was listed to $1.50 a few years ago. With the current exchange rate on the Canadian dollar, it’s about a buck in USD.

Tried a BK hot dog. Mediocre.