Burger King to sell XBOX HUGE breakfast sandwich

Burger King introduces two huge new sandwiches

Christ. That’s bigger than most lunch sandwiches.

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I fully expect to see a law suit launched against Burger King for making Americans fat.

That’s just absolutely amazing. But at a paltry 700 calories and 42 grams of fat, it still pales in comparison to the stuff Hardee’s is selling.

The sad thing is that even the standard Whopper is an obscene amount of fat/carbs for one sandwich. You get into these wacky things and…

But at least people realize these are obscene. I’d never paid much attention to off-the-shelf foods till I started my weight loss. It’s crazy how much of the seemingly innocuous crap in the grocery store has sugar (or similar sweeteners) added unnecessarily, since sweet sells better.

Oh well. When these people all go into diabetic shock in a decade or so we can take all their stuff.

They talked about this sandwhich on Stern this morning. Some meals to consider in comparison:

  • The smallest (aka healthiest, if you like) Slam ™ style breakfast for a sit-down breakfast at Dennys is the Original Grand Slam, and it runs 665 cals with 49g of fat. Or a “regular” two eggs breakfast with hash browns runs 678 cals with 55g of fat.

  • A regular Big Mac and medium fries from McD’s will run you 910 cals with 46g of fat.

So while this new breakfast sandwhich at BK is big, it ain’t the baddest by far. You don’t even have to compare it with that new ultra-nasty Hardee’s thing. Heheh.

You guys can have the burgers; I’m going to Wendy’s for the chili.

There seems to be a general desire for many Americans to get everything BIG. Tim Horton’s (a doughnut chain started by a hockey player in Canada) has been expanding to the US. The size of a small coffee in the US is the same as a medium in Canada according to a radio report I heard this morning. And from memory, the supersized fries at a Canadian McD’s is the same as the large fries at an American one.

I guess it should not be a big surprise that selling these big sandwiches for breakfast is going over well.

Heh, I heard that story on talk radio last night. The questions raised were should you be to sue in that situation, and what a fair recovery would be.

The best quote from that article is from the ME, who described it as cooked, but not decomposed. I’m not sure what the woman’s problem was, it’s not like she had to pay extra for it.

Remove the bun, and the innards would be a pretty reasonable meal for anyone doing the Atkins diet. As long as you can resist having a milk shake and onion rings on the side ;)