Buried, with Ryan Reynolds

Is anyone planning to see this movie, which features Ryan Reynolds buried alive? I think it’s coming out in September.

I can’t even watch the trailer.

I’m going outside for some air.

Buried with Ryan Reynolds? You’re right, I may never stop shuddering.

I read “Buried with Brian Reynolds” and thought this was about zombies playing Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.

Does this mean Scarlett’s available?

Just watched this, thought it was very well done all around, even if it might not be completely realistic (I have no idea how long the oxygen would last him for example…).
For a movie taking place 100% in a coffin with one actor, I sure wasn’t bored for a second.

Actually, they are divorcing.

I hated this. The main problem is they put what I have to assume is a leftover character from Cloverfield in there as the main guy, he’s that annoying and unsympathetic. He’s stuck in a box and is totally dependent on outside help yet talks like a grade A ahole to everyone on the phone as a default attitude.

Secondarily, nothing he says makes much sense. He acts as if his air is running out, okay fair enough. Except it isn’t, or the movie would have been over before it started. When he is asked “Do you want to talk to someone in city A, city B, or city C?” he responds with basically “surprise me”. How about making a choice numbnuts?

There was an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode, “Breakdown”, that mined this territory a lot more effectively.