Burning Brides

They’re from Philly and they kick major ass. All the punk fans, the rock fans, the alternative fans… pick this up. It came out today and it’s hell on a stick. Some really great rock ‘n’ roll songs, some outright punk tunes but all of it wrapped up in a The Vines Go To 11 for an Entire Record vibe. I really dig The Vines and Jet. Both have some great songs.

But damn it, so far Burning Brides smokes them both. It never lets up or gets too light but it’s got a lot of variety and some really great riffs and solos. It looks like this is going to get a major push from the record label. Best Buy had a pile of them.

Believe it or not, I first heard it in Indianapolis on the rock station there. I was heading for the campsite we stayed at on Formula One weekend (saw the Ferrari 1-2 both Saturday and Sunday) and we’re just pulling in and on comes Heart Full of Black. Man, that title just says it all… the DJ noted that they were from Philly and said “What good ever came out of Philadelphia? Cheesesteaks?!” Dickhead.

Anyway, buy it. I imagine it’ll be in the flier on Saturday. It’s $12.99 right now.


Or $9.99 in iTunes.

The cover art is great. It’s a pretty big foldout thing that is just crazy with weird imagery. You don’t get that from iTunes. You also don’t get all the other good stuff like the various folks that worked on the songs, etc.

I just can’t get into buying music electronically. You lose half the package IMO.


The physical packaging is totally worth $3 to me (not sarcastic). I just picked up a new CD, and the smell alone was worth whatever pittance I would have saved buying it off iTunes. I don’t know why I don’t get this “new CD” smell anymore, I used to get it all the time, but now most of my new CDs don’t really have a smell. Sounds weird, I know, but damnit, I like the smell.

Oh, that, and the fact that there’s no DRM shit I have to put up with is nice too.

The nice thing about iTunes, though, is that I was able to determine whether or not to get the CD without getting off my fat ass.

I’ve been friends with Melanie Campbell of Burning Brides for the last 8 years. That is all.

That rocks, Crypt. Next time you talk to her, tell her the new album is superb and I’ll be picking up the first soon too now that I know about them. I’m sure they’ll see me at a show too in the not too distant future. Being so close to Philly, it’s like a hometown band for me.


August 20, North Star Bar in Philly. I’ll probably be there. Anyone?

It’s only $10.