Burning Crusade Beta Test

Anyone else out there in the beta playing actively at all? I am desperately looking to get some bags for my paladin on horde side, people keep putting them up on the AH for 3+ gold for 12 slot bags.

And I’d like to be able to just chat with anyone else in game, it gets lonely sometimes!

Character name is Athros on Horde side.

Are you on the PvP or PvE server?

I couldn’t believe that 16 slot bags were routinely fetching 50g+ on the PvE beta server (at least when I needed some). I think your beta key allows you up to three character copies (I’m not sure if you can space this out over time or if you can only do it when you register your account). If you have some remaining and are able to do it, I recommend asking all your in-game friends to lend you as much gold as they can just long enough for you to copy a character over to the beta server. I think you can even copy the same character over multiple times, so you could load up on gold, copy the character over, rename it, then copy the character over again, sending all the gold to your main. That should leave you with an ample budget to handle all your beta-server shopping.

Also, if it’s still possible for you to get a prefab character made (I wasn’t paying too much attention to the process when I got my key - I just wanted to get my Paladin to Outland as quickly as possible), you could conceivably start a prefab just to sell off that character’s gear, or better yet, do a little Outland questing. Those quests have seemed pretty generous with the gold so far.

Good luck!

I have a 67 warrior, Alliance side, if anyone’s interested in playing starting next weekend (I have family in for T-Day this week.)

And yeah, if you’re copying a toon over, stock that toon up on stuff for the move (bring Runecloth to skill up first aid), and borrow gold as well. I sent my warrior over with 2000 gold and 40 mongoose pots, then sent all that stuff to my mage, and copied him over with the same cache.

I’m on the Pve SErver … I didn’t stock up on gold, but I did copy a 300 tailor over, even though he’s only in his 40s, just so I could have someone that can make bags. :p

my warlock is on the pve server

How do you get an invite? I would like one.

You’d figure 6 level 60 toons would suffice, but OH NO…

I’m writing about it.

Yeah, you need to trade with the character you’re going to copy over and give him all your gold from your other characters and anything else you might need. The AH in beta isn’t all that active since money is mostly meaningless and everyone knows they are going to be wiped in six weeks or so.

AH is also hurt by its location – there’s no easy way to get to it now. You have to bind your hearth to somewhere in BC and then take the Shattrath portal back to the old world to use AH and train. It’s a pain.