Burning files to "Video" DVDs

Related to my thread on recommended DVD burners…

Currently, my “home entertainment” DVD player is my PS2 (which is old). It doesn’t play a DVD-R I burned using Nero 6.6 (through the "create a video DVD wizard), giving me a disc error. That same DVD-R plays fine on my laptop.

The DVD Version on the PS2 is 1.20U.


  • Do I need the PS2 remote with the DVD update to be able to read a DVD-R disc burned in standard DVD format because my PS is so old?

  • If I used something other than Nero to burn a DVD-R in Divx format (assuming Nero doesn’t burn to Divx format), what are the odds that it would play in this PS2?

  • If I buy the XBox (original) DVD “addon” remote, should it play this DVD-R without issue? What about if I burned it in Divx format?

Obviously, I’m not someone who cares much about video quality, if I’ve been using a PS2 for DVD playback for ~5 years. Unless there’s a readily available (meaning, no waiting for coupons or rebates) DVD player that will play DVD-R or DVD+Rs I burn in either standard DVD or DivX format without hassle that costs no more than the PS2 remote+update OR the XBox remote, I’m not terribly interested.


You can buy an HD upscaling (up to 1080p, via HDMI) progressive scan DVD player that has a USB plug for playing DivX files from a flash or portable drive for around $78. The only caveat is that it won’t play Qpel or GMT (motion compensation algorithms) files well / at all. That and you get a much better remote and the ability to play recordable dual layer DVD discs.

Holy crap that’s about 100 times more complicated than I wanted. I don’t have an HD tv, and don’t plan on getting one any time soon. I don’t really want to play files from a flash/portable drive (I don’t have a portable drive bigger than 1 GB). The good news is I don’t know what Qpel or GMT are.

Playing DL discs would be nice, though. I’m not sure it’s critical, but hey.

It will play the DivX files off of a DVD as well, just burn your movies off as data files & pop it into the player and your all done.

So what are the reasons I should be looking for why my PS2 wouldn’t play a DVD I burned as a standard video DVD? Media type (DVD-R, NewEgg/RiData)? DVD firmware in the PS2? Something else?

Because the ps2 sucks for playing dvds.

Spend 50 bucks on a new dvd player.

It’s an old bad DVD player. Would you be looking for reasons if you had tried to play the DVD on the cheapest player you found at Walmart in 2001?

If it were supposed to play burned DVD-Rs, and I’d never tried it before, yeah. It still plays commercial DVDs and games just fine, so I was wondering if it could have been something like:

only works with certain media
doesn’t work on early drives/firmwares
needs the PS2 remote w/update files on a memory card

No need to be snippy about it. If the PS2 played burned DVD-Rs in the past but stopped, I’d think it was dying/old. Not ever having done it, it’s not crazy to think I might have done something wrong.

I’ve found that my slimline PS2 is only able to play Nero-created video DVDs that are burnt on certain kinds of recordable DVD. TDK DVD+Rs work great (dual-layer included), but my cheapie stash of 4x No-Names DVD+Rs can’t be read. My cheap Chinese No-Name player has these same issues, while my nicer Sony player does not. Unfortunately, the Sony has problems playing DVDs of, er, dubious provenance. Just to throw in a final variable, I’ve also found that some players can be particular about DVDs mastered on Nero, but less so with those created with other software.

I’m still looking for a one-stop solution for watching my DVDs.

Edit: Minded my + and -‘s. Actually, I’ve never been able to successfully burn a glitch-free DVD-R on my AOpen drive. I don’t know if this is the drive’s fault or my players’, but I don’t think it’s the media’s.

Thanks. The original test was a NewEgg re-brand (of a RiData). I may try again with a Sony DVD+R and see what that does. I did use Nero, though (6.6).

The other variable is the burner, which I requested RMA on (since it won’t read any DVD it burns. gg, Samsung).

I’m hoping to avoid spending money, and also would rather not add one more piece of A/V gear to my pile. So if I can get what I want cheaper or for about the same cost but without a new piece, great.