Burnout Paradise gets motorcycles

BP finally gets bikes. I stopped playing right around the time GTA4 came out (a better big city to drive in, plus the added fun of running over hookers). Will have to revisit Burnout now though, anyone still playing?

Also a day/night cycle and weather.

I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m curious how they dealt with the rider on the bikes. All the cars are conspicuously empty… hopefully they have a guy on the bike, though if they do that I hope they’ll also factor in him flying off properly in a crash.

In previews I recently read, they said that the bikes will have riders, but they won’t fly off in rag doll style if you crash. I’m not sure how they handle riders during crashes, but I know the bikes don’t crash like the other cars do. The decision had to do with the rating.

In crashes, the bikes don’t deform. At the moment of impact, the riders simply vanish. I still maintain they should have Terminator-esque robot endoskeletons riding them in order to retain crash effects. Or possibly zombies.

Can’t sneeze at this kind of free update, though. But it does again engage the puzzled circuit in my brain that still wonders why multiple console generations have gone by without someone remaking Road Rash.

how does the night and day cycles work? i love the idea of that addition, simply because of the level of atmosphere it brings to the city. plus, driving at night is always awesome.

I think they tried to revive the franchise many times but alas they didn’t succeed.

What I would give for a Road Rash III next gen. Oh my. Just the same game, with modern graphics, decent framerate and good controls…

I can see how keeping a rating would cause them some grief with that, I suppose if you want flying bodies you can play GTA4 and all. Must have been a hard call though. I imagine the subject of what to do about the riders was a big discussion in the first meeting that floated the idea of adding motorcycles.

It’s customizable. You can set the length of the cycle from 24 minutes to 24 hours, or freeze it at a specific time.

So I stick Burnout in the 360 to download this stuff and… unplayable disc. Awesome.

That’s okay datter, it’s not out for the X360 yet. Believe it or not PS3 is the lead for this one. We’ll get the update in the next month or so.

It is out for the 360. I just ran around paradise city on a bike.

Well I’m glad I was wrong then.

I am still playing this, and I demand that we get some Freeburning in to hit some of the challenges. I still haven’t played online with any decent number of players.

Feel free to send me some Friends invites if you’re interested in playing this more often. I know I am.

I suppose it’s OK, the lack of new achievements was a disappointment. So is the idea of setting 128 road rules.

Instead they have some in-game awards to unlock your motorcycle license. I notice they took a page from Valve and played an in-game sound effect when you picked up an award.

I was wondering if there was an MS rule that you have to have paid DLC to add new Achievements. This was the logical pack to include them.

I suppose they could add them with the island pack coming later this year, but then they’d have to find a way to make the motorcycle stuff work backwards. I know I’m not going to want to re-do a whole bunch of stuff if they add Achievements.

The weather and day/night addition is really nice. I just hit my A-class license last night; 38 more events until I have my Burnout license.

It’s about time:

How cool would it be if there were some novelty cars, for lack of a better word, in a racing game? If Darth Maul can be in Tony Hawk 3, and a Halo Spartan in Dead or Alive, why can’t we have a “just cause it’s cool” class of vehicles in one of our racers?

I sold Burnout Paradise a while ago, but I’m actually going to repurchase it, pretty much specifically because of this.


There will be an Ultimate edition released in February with all of the DLC up to that point included, including the planned “Party” pack, if you can wait that long. (The PC version is also supposed to be out then.)