Burnout Revenge 360 Nights?

Let’s get some QT3 action going. I’m logging on now and will be on for a few hours tonight. Send me a message and let’s get rubbing* and racing!

  • in a non-gay way.

But, but, but… Oblivion!

I saw like three people that weren’t playing Oblivion tonight. Gary was one of them. I had 25 Friends online.

I sent a message to Mr. Witta to play, but it got ignored. I had fun imagining all the fun we would’ve had, though!

Yeah, sorry about that - I was in the middle of a Grand Prix and couldn’t quit out. Plus I was scared of all the other people on my friends list playing Oblivion.

I downloaded the Burnout demo at the same time that Mr. Whitta was playing the real game online. That was pretty fun too.