Bush announces Alberto Gonzales is his pick for AG



Someone has to do it, Ashcroft has retired.

I’m researching him more now, but he seems to actually understand how the constitution works. Ashcroft did not.


Well, except for the Memo.

Oh my it’s Elian’s uncle! :wink:

Oh, yeah, Gonzales is GREAT! As Bush’s attourney in Texas, he advised Bush against clemency for anyone, whether or not they were retarded or had their court-appointed lawyer fall alseep at the table, and was the one trying to tinker (successfully, I might add) with the Geneva Convention. Lovely guy!

Just one of a very bad bunch…

Yeah, the way the Texas appeal system worked while Bush was in office was someone would give Bush the case files on a person on death row, he would ignore them, and Gonzoles would tell Bush that the person was guilty. I believe Bush took about 30 minutes to flip through the Karla Faye Tucker case because it was so high profile, but that was the exception, not the rule.

when you have terrorists on death row, you endanger the nation by granting them clemancy. Don’t you KNOW that??