Bush Challenges U.N. to Back Iraq Plan

Unbending in spite of widespread opposition, President Bush returned to the United Nations on Tuesday to try to marshal support for a deliberate transition to democracy in Iraq (news - web sites). “Let us move forward,” he told those leaders who would have the U.S. occupation ended right away.

In Washington, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle said he thought Bush “lost an opportunity.”

“He came before the international community and he could have made the case for more troops, more resources,” the South Dakota Democrat said. “He didn’t do that. … It was a missed opportunity and that’s very disappointing.”

In other news, the “damn furriners” still hate us.

Should’ve had Tony Blair make the speech.

Dear U.N.,

Please back OUR plan to rebuild a free Iraq the way the U.S. sees fit. If you don’t like it AS IS, go fuck yourself.

The end.


George Dubbya

P.S. AIDS is bad.