Bush Memoirs: Now That Explains Alot!

His mother showed him the fetus of his would-be sibling: Barbara Bush suffered a miscarriage when her son was a teenager, and afterward opted to show the fetus, which she was storing in a jar, to her then teenage son. Bush considers the incident key to his pro-life stance, telling Lauer “there’s no question that affected me, a philosophy that we should respect life.”

What the…is that really in there?

He thinks his Texas governorship prepared him for 9/11: In the moments after he first heard about 9/11, the president famously sat silent. But that was anger, not shock, he now says. So why did he sit motionless? He knew “people were going to be watching my reaction. And I’d had enough experience as governor of Texas … to know that the reaction of the leader is essential in the first stage of any crisis.”

He was a “dissenting voice” on Iraq: Despite the rushed resolutions in Congress and the U.N., Bush maintains he was reluctant to go to war and that he “didn’t want to use force” unless entirely necessary. That said …

He also will not issue an apology for the Iraq war: “Apologizing would basically say the decision was a wrong decision,” he tells Lauer.


I think wonkette is accurate in saying that he’s at the “say horrible things to sell his damned book” phase. It’s a testament to his management acumen that even with the number of favors he must be owed by those he hooked up, he still needs the cash.

I respect life by pickling it as well. By the same logic I have the higest respect for small onions and cucumbers.

I can’t erase the image of Barb leaning towards a young boy with a fetus jar. I think I need to get it out of my system and draw it. BRB.

Banning, incoming.

Peoples’ reactions to this are interesting, and I think I share them. The idea of the fetus in a jar is somehow disturbing.

But why is that the case?

… because it’s a fetus in a jar?

Almost any dead thing in a jar is pretty creepy to have around.

A dead human thing moreso.

Because it’s freaky as shit, you dim motherfucker. This is a link to a picture of a fetus in a jar.

Edit: On contemplating the fetus in the jar, now I’m not so sure. Maybe it is a powerful way of celebrating life.

Yes, I think that this is a critical part, and probably one of the reasons why Barbera Bush did it.

(bear in mind here, I’m not pro-life nor pro-choice… I honestly think abortion is an issue which shouldn’t consumer nearly as much of our political landscape as it does)

A fetus in a jar is more disturbing than other things in jars (even than other animals in jars) because when you look at a fetus it’s pretty obviously a tiny human. It’s not really abstract any more. It’s hard to still perceive it as just being meat at that point.

My high school biology teacher felt the need to decorate his walls with fetuses in jars. I was surprised by how quickly they lost the power to squick.

What the fuck is it with conservatives keeping dead babies around? First Rick Santorum taking his stillborn child home to spend a night with the wife and kids, now this?

She did it because it’s an emotional argument, which is the refuge of those for whom logic and facts doesn’t give them the answer they want.

When an abortion is performed in the first trimester, it isn’t performed on a homunculus sleeping inside Mommy’s tummy. It’s performed on a clump of cells that look like nothing at all. Of course, that’s no good when you want to terrify your child in the most Freudian way possible, so out came the jar.

Really, you can’t understand how this could be a part of the grieving process?

It can also be read as a tangible reminder that life is precious and fragile. “If your sibling had survived, you wouldn’t be here, so make the most of what you have.”

He is a filthy liar, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in anything in the book.

Yes, I’m just interested in the introspection of why we are disturbed by this.

Up until 8 weeks, it’s not even a fetus. It’s an embryo. As you point out, it’s little more than a tiny cluster of cells. It has no functioning central nervous system. This is why I’ve always supported things like embryonic stem cell research. (coupled with the fact that the alternative, which is just destroying the embryo, seems ridiculous)

Once it reaches a fetal stage though, and certainly in the third trimester, it resembles a human, and I think this plays some role in why it becomes more disturbing to us.

Considering how many people he put to death as governor of Texas, I guess that particular lesson didn’t take.

Err, it resembles a human (a baby anyways), far before the 3rd trimester.

Check out pictures here and drawings here (sites are not pro/con abortion sites, AFAIK).

Isn’t his mom pro-choice anyway? Makes the story kind of odd, unless she changed over the years.