Bush names panel to review intelligence

My favorite part of the article is the title. :)


And this is my second favorite line:

The panel will issue its findings by March 31, 2005 – after the presidential election, Bush said.

I’m fine with the panel not listing it’s findings until after the elections if it really takes that long to work through it all, but it physically disgusts me if it’s held simply to avoid influencing the elections. This is the type of information that’s supposed to influence elections.

I have to say I respect a lot of the people on both sides of that panel but 14 months to publish ANY conclusions? Jesus - If Bush had waited that long to assimilate the intelligence in the first place maybe he would have realized it was all bogus to begin with :)

Upon further review, Bush found to have no intelligence, just a lucky sperm lottery winner.

Hey, that was a pretty good one.

Anyways, does this “investigation” strike anyone else as similar to OJ declaring he won’t rest until he finds his wife’s killer? Where is that killer, anyways?

OJ believes that the real killer is a golfer, thus his endless search of the world’s golf courses.

One of the reasons for the length, besides the possible political reason, is that the panel is not just looking at Iraqi intelligence, but will focus on intelligence for other countries, such as Iran, Libya, and North Korea, and find out why we underestimated their WMDs. Unfortunately Iraq was the only country we overestimated. Bad luck on our part :(

Good point. We’d better invade the rest of the world post haste - those trailers full of WMDs could be anywhere!

/me eyes Canada suspiciously…