Bush needs a break from UN

I saw this linked somewhere earlier today and just assumed it was a photoshop job, but perhaps not? Yahoo news has it. Can anyone read the last sentence? Looks this it says “is this something something”.


Edit: sorry I can’t get the img tags to work

“Is this possible?” and then the beginning of a new sentence.


Ahh I see it now. The next thing that popped into my head was:

I have a friend who works a non-profit focused on international relations, but is a journalist by training. For some reason the Austrian UN delegation let him have one of their seats at the UN, so he was sitting within 10-15 feet of Bush. Close enough to probably take this picture. I’ll have to ask him about this. Third hand anecdote was that Bush gave a “we both know I can’t read this” wink to the assistant handing out various papers.

Yes, I’ll make sure he’s been decontaminated before we have beers together again.

People are wondering why he switched to all caps in mid-sentence, then went back to normal, and also which Counterstrike clan he’s in.