Bush: Pipe up if you love him!

I’m so sick of the constant negativity directed towards our commander in chief.

Let’s dedicate this thread towards all the great accomplishments he’s made since he’s been in office. A welcome change!

EDIT: Please, no negative comments. Only the amazing accomplishments he has brought to to our great nation since his tenure as President began Five years ago.

He hasn’t lost a fight to a pretzel in this term.

He got rid of the WMDs in Iraq.

  • He’s done a consistently good job of clearing out the brush on his ranch.

  • He’s managed to stay young-looking, which isn’t easy for a President.

  • He’s had a hit movie made about his presidency while still in office, which I don’t think has happened before.

He didn’t surrender to Osama and hand over the keys to the White House.

Thanks for the :minor accomplishments" he’s achieved so far.

But, please, can we keep this on topic?

He’s winning the war on terror. Cleaned up the environment. Allowed law enforcement to be more effective with PATRIOT. Given more support to the military than any other president for 20 years. Liberated 50 million people from oppressive regimes. Set up the fastest growing US economy for years while cutting taxes. Oh yeah, and restored the dignity to the office he holds.


The only ones I could personally think of was he encouraged the highest voter turnout for years and won an international poll of “biggest threat to world peace”.

He doesn’t go through many of those special “veto” pens only the President has. In fact, he doesn’t use them at all, ever.

I love these “joke” threads!

Flyinj, this is on topic. He has accomplished nothing worthwhile in his entire time in office, while taking great strides towards making things worse – much worse. He’s both a tyrant and a robber baron.

You like him so much? Maybe you can hunt down his supposed accomplishments.

not bitter at all

ooo! ooo! I got one. He’s helped re-kindle the Afghani Heroin industry after years of brutal oppression from the Taliban.

He’s increased profits for the oil industry. I mean, that’s good for us all! You too could invest in oil companies!

He showed the world who’s boss!

He’s made our homeland safer from disaster!

He’s made the terrorists think twice about striking again!

He’s made the air cleaner, and left no child behind!

He’s made so many understand that war is peace, and peace is war!

Finally, a president who will hold his staff accountable for their actions!

He’s gotten rid of all those antiquated arms treaties that were holding us back!

He’s shown the way with his past military service, and given our National Guard the extra Real World experience they need to succeed!

Define “support.”

Beats me, I was just quoting the Whitehouse. Maybe he stands in the oval office shouting “USA! Go Army! Go Airforce! Go Navy!” while waving a big Camoflage flag or something.

He’s created the most amount of animosity towards general Americans than any other american president has.
And isn’t he going for that vacation record?

He put pressure on Sharon to pull the settlers out of Gaza. The American economy is going suprisingly strongly considering the high price of oil. And he kicked the ass of a third-world dictator!

That guy can squint like nobody’s business.

He’s given comedians and impressionists the best comedy president since reagan?

Hold your pipe high, people!